Asus RT-AC5300 User Manual

Asus RT-AC5300 User Manual
Variance and Ping time are essential technical parameters affecting responsiveness in online gaming, and their values depend on the taking of game packages route toand from their place of destination. The Gamers Private Network (GPN®)WTFast®® performs route optimization, choose the most efficient path for packages in the game, resulting in time consistently lower ping and minimal packet loss. AC5300 RT this optimization is free to accelerate a selectable device at a time, so multiplayer online games you can enjoy competitive outcomes in supported


Gambling online at a heated competition or streaming a live event in 4K UHD, delayand buffering are simply not an option. NitroQAM™ (1024-QAM) technology in theRT-AC5300 offers Mbps Wi-Fi 5334 combined speed, ensuring that everyone on your network can enjoy smooth streaming and lowlatency online gaming.


Network speed affects all game with each platform‘s in that game devices. The ASUS RT-AC5300 offers bandwidth and coverage for all your devices, games consoles toPC to mobile devices * and is compatible with any operating system, including Windows®, Mac OS®, Linux®
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