Canon imagePRESS C10000VP/C8000VP Brochure

Canon imagePRESS C10000VP/C8000VP Brochure
Combines the proven features imagePRESS and new technologies, the imagePRESSpress production Digital Color C10000VP/C8000VP has been designed to offer the excellence of production for the commercial benefit of its users. Can help to them printers commercial, in plants, centres of production, mail direct and transaction print them suppliers of services to produce a range more wide of applications in terms more short.


imagePRESS C10000VP / C8000VP offer a quality of output offset-as, vibrant and stable with high resolution of 2400 x 2400 dpi to the speed of printing of size letter of100 / 80 images by min in color and B & W in all them media compatible pesos ofmedium volume of printing monthly of to 450.000/360.000 images of litres by month and of work monthly maximum cycles of to 1.5M/1.2M litres images.


With this certification, the PRISMAsync Color Print Server is recognized as the first loop closed full G7 system of electrophotography and the first server‘s printing of color that provides a profile of color integrated and a method of calibration G7. Starting from the idea that calibration digital press should be a simple procedure that each operator can run, Canon is the first provider of digital media to implement this setting directly on the digital front end.


One of the key concepts of G7 is the idea of having a goal of calibration to achievepredictable printing results, allowing a much easier match test to print through substrates and different technologies. Printers that these benefits of the calibration G7 intheir motors digital historically had that perform complicated steps to achieve a State of G7. This often requires the use of the creation of output profiles, specialized knowledge of the DFE and external software to achieve conformity of G7 in grayscale.


With the PRISMAsync Color G7 calibration feature print Serveri it masks the complexity of G7 calibration for a digital device, allowing users to calibrate within minutesusing a single procedure, wizarddriven directly on Canon imagePRESS console. These DFEbased tools do not require any additional investment in software, hardware,or training to end users means to help them achieve high standards of quality and color consistency and your digital press color in a short period of time, revenue generation potential with more printing time per day.


“Since the launch of the 2006 by Idealliance G7 methodology, technology partnershave created innovations to build-in G7 in the printing workflow. Loop PRISMAsync process closed G7 calibration ranks as a key development in the evolution of our industry leading print quality and validation program, said David J. Steinhardt, President and CEO of Idealliance. “Idealliance applauds Canon U.S.A. for their foresight in developing the capacity and their collaboration and commitment to our industry.”
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