Canon Océ VarioPrint i300 Brochure

Canon Océ VarioPrint i300 Brochure
Combine the reduced cost of inkjet with the flexibility of the media and the application of sheet – fed production, the Océ VarioPrint i300 provides an advantageous proposal for print providers seeking to do to grow your business by:
Cost effectively executed works monochrome and color in a motor


Move mono applications to products of higher value/mayor-margen color, Extending the cross over point for digital printing and offset, helping more sites tomigrate to digital printing.


Enjoy maximum productivity
The i300 Océ VarioPrint prints up to 294 images letter per minute or more than 8,500 leaves letter duplex per hour. He goes to the volumes of production heavy 1 million pages per month and supports a wide variety of paper sizes 13.9 “x 19.7″ (B3) format. Up to 8 paper trays feed a wide range of substrates inkjet and offset 16 lb bond to 110 lb cover standard. Proven Océ VarioPrint 6000 + input and output technologies helps activate a blanco-hoja in acabado-aplicacion workflow – out needed tosatisfy demands run shorter today, fast delivery print Plaza. Reliable production highspeed sheet-fed ink jet is powered by Océ iQuarius technology, a range of innovations that enable robust, high quality engraved on sheets of paper, at high speed.


Leverages the proven Océ ColorStream of Rotary inkjet print head technology, the i300 VarioPrint provides 600 x 600 dpi output with modulation of droplet size to deliver 1,200 dpi perceived image quality. Control of quality in line automated detects failed nozzle and applied automatically the compensation to help to maintain the quality.


Maximize the time active
Time of activity is crucial to comply with the SLA demanding of today. For Océ VarioPrint i300, uptime is enhanced by the routines of maintenance automated secure uninterrupted production; at the same time help maintain uptime, productivity and print quality. Designed to “Support and respect,” maintaining the i300 Océ VarioPrint helps minimize unplanned service activities and optimize the scheduled maintenance.


Press unit efficiency
Scalable and high PRISMAsync controller performance allows users to plan work ahead of time and provide adequate information to help keep the machine running without unplanned stops.
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