D-Link DIR-867 User Manual AC1750 MU-MIMO Wi-Fi Router

D-Link DIR-867 User Manual AC1750 MU-MIMO Wi-Fi Router

D-Link DIR-867 User Manual – Not all households need a router for high range with numerous ports of E / S, abundant management settings and the best and most advanced wireless technology. Sometimes, an affordable router as the D-Link DIR-867 will do the job. Priced at $89.99, the DIR-867 is a dual band router and one of the few economic models that we have seen that he supports simultaneous data transmission of Mu (multiple outputs of multiple inputs and multiple entries). It worked relatively well in our tests of performance speed and it was easy to install, but if you spend $20 more, you can get robust parental controls, anti-malware protection and connectivity USB Asus RT-AC66U B1 of Editors ‘ Choice.

The Cabinet black matte with the DIR-867 wedge-shaped measuring 1.5 by 9.0 by 8.0 inches (HWD) and has four adjustable antennas that cannot be removed. That means that not they can be replaced with more powerful aftermarket antennas. At the top of the router LEDs of power, internet and both radio bands are, and the rear panel has four ports LAN gigabit, a WAN port, restart, WPS and wireless buttons, and a power connector and a switch.

The DIR-867 is a router dual-band 3 x 3 powered by a CPU dual-core 880 MHz, 128MB memory flash and 128MB RAM. It is capable of speeds up to 450Mbps in the 2.4 GHz band and 1. 300Mbps in the 5 GHz band. It is compatible with technology 802. 11ac Wave 2, including the transmission of customer direct signal transmissions and data MU, or the formation of beam. It is also compatible with the D-Link Smart Connect option, which allows the router to choose the best radio band according to the current activity of the network.

D-Link DIR-867 User Manual – The home screen contains a map of network and Internet statistics, as addresses IP and MAC, connection type, default gateway and the connection time. The tabs start, settings, features, and administration are at the top of the screen. The tab configuration gives access to a wizard’s settings and configurations of Internet as the type of connection (DHCP, static, PPPoE, PPTP, L2TP), VLAN and IPv4 / IPv6. The wireless configuration includes Smart Connect, SSID and password, security mode (WPA / WPA2), Wi-Fi channel, channel width, transmission power and guest (guest network), while the network settings area allows you to configure the IP address of LAN and subnet configuration mask and adjust the settings of DHCP port and WAN speed.

D-Link DIR-867 User Manual – Use the tab functions to access the setting of QoS (quality of service) of drag and drop, where you can assign the maximum bandwidth to customers who need it most (e.g., transmission of video or games), enable the setting of the Firewall and configure port forwarding and fast VPN configuration. The DIR-867 does not offer age-appropriate parental controls that come with the Asus RT – AC66U B1, but does offer programming of network access and filtering web sites. Also missing the malware protection built-in obtained with the RT-AC66U B1. Configuration management allows you to view the system logs, change passwords, update the firmware, monitor the network traffic and create access programs.

D-Link DIR-867 User Manual – To test the performance of mu, we use three laptops Acer Aspire identical R13 equipped with circuit QCA61x4A mu of Qualcomm. Since the DIR-867 is the first router’s affordable price we’ve found offering technology MU, we have compared its performance MU with a few more expensive routers. In the test of proximity, the score of the 171Mbps DIR-867 was good, but not strong enough to beat the K3C Phicomm, to the DIR-878 D-Link or Linksys EA7500. In the MU test of 30 feet, DIR-867 79Mbps score was only a little slower than the DIR-878 and the EA7500, but was slower than the K3C Phicomm 31Mbps.

The D-Link DIR-867 is a solid option for users who require the transmission of Mu but have limited funds. Certainly, it is not the fastest router that exists, but is held against the majority of other models with similar prices, and is easy to install and manage. That said, spending $20 more on our choice of editors for affordable routers, Asus RT-AC66U B1 offers more robust capabilities and performance of faster performance.

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