D-Link SharePort™ Go (DIR-506L) User Manual

D-Link SharePort™ Go (DIR-506L) User Manual
Built with a compact design and rechargeable battery, the D-Link SharePort Go portable (DIR 506L) is perfect for personalities of on-the-go who need to stay connected wherever they go. 3fully functional mode, the March of SharePort lets you create a wireless signal of any modem (perfect for hotel rooms that have only connectedconnections), expand your current wireless signal as an access point and can even act as a secure Wi-Fi hotspot when you have some down time in a local café.


Tired of weak wireless signals in your hotel room? Setting for a Conference and theneed for a wireless network connection? The practical, little SharePort Mobile Companion is ideal for all your needs of travellers. Use the SharePort as travel router or point of access for instant strong width of band wireless in any place where there is aconnection of network wired already.


The SharePort Mobile Companion adds storage portable, connection Wireless to your iPhone, iPad and devices Android, that you gives more capacity of their media favorite. Why lose valuable storage device when you can just as easily access from yourSharePort? Simply plug a USB drive to instantly access and share your favorite movies, music and photos it’s that simple!


Load your SharePort Go is fast and easy. Simply use the included USB cable to connect to the desktop or the laptop USB port; or connect to an AC power outlet using astandard USB power adapter. The SharePort go even charge your Smartphone, giving you a spare battery when more need it. Rechargeable battery provides up to 4 hours for maximum mobility.
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