D-Link SharePort™ Mobile Companion (DIR-505L) User Manual

D-Link SharePort™ Mobile Companion (DIR-505L) User Manual

Get the best of the worlds with the little practical SharePort Mobile Companion. Imagine being able to share your videos, music and photos from any external hard drive or USB thumb drive to any iPad, iPhone, or Android mobile device in your home. And the SharePort is not just for your home. If you want to take the SharePort in the road with you, works as a great travel router / point of access, so can get instant wireless from any room of hotel or conference where already there is a network. While you’re away from home, the SharePort can also charge your iPhone, iPad or Android device.


Tired of weak wireless signals in your hotel room? Setting for a Conference and the need for a wireless network connection? The practical, little SharePort Mobile Companion is ideal for all your traveling needs. Use the SharePort as travel router or access point for instant strong wireless bandwidth in any place where there is an already wired network connection.


The SharePort Mobile Companion adds portable storage, wireless connection to your iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, which gives you more ability to your favorite media. Why lose valuable storage device when you can just as easily access from your SharePort? Simply plug a USB drive to instantly access and share your favorite movies, music and photos – it’s that simple!

Avoid having to carry around a lot of Chargers from becoming entangled in his bag. The SharePort Mobile Companion can conveniently load your iPhone or Android phone while you’re on the road with the option of travel charger. It fits right in your purse!


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