Epson EB-U04 Projector User Manual

Epson EB-U04 Projector User Manual

Epson EB-U04 Projector Overview

The EB-U04 is a LCD projector with a Full HD determination that is on special at the spending cost of £548.99. Epson pitches it as a projector that can be utilized for either home stimulation or office introductions.

While it isn’t by and large revolting, essentially on account of its reflexive white top cover, the EB-U04 looks somewhat utilitarian versus the all the more parlor agreeable Epson EH-TW5300 that I tried as of late. It’s littler and squat, with a discernibly more conservative focal point – none of which raises extraordinary expectations about its photo quality versus the EH-TW5300.

Its generally petite size makes it conveniently versatile, however – and this valuable characteristic is upgraded by the incorporation of a cushioned convey sack with the projector.

Availability is really great. Two HDMIs go down its home-amusement claims, while its potential as a workhorse is upgraded by a USB port equipped for playing interactive media records, a VGA PC input, and the capacity of one of the HDMIs to deal with MHL cell phone playback.

You can even include a discretionary remote connector (the ELPAP10), which opens up the potential for utilizing Epson’s iProjection application to stream a scope of substance – including photographs, recordings and reports – straightforwardly from your cell phone or tablet through the projector.

The projector’s key picture determinations incorporate a local Full HD determination, a guaranteed dynamic differentiation proportion of 15,000:1, and a high greatest shine of 3,000 lumens. On paper, this blend of brilliance and difference appears to be weighted towards the business showcase instead of home-silver screen, however it’s completely conceivable that the EB-U04 will have the controls important to adjust its optics to suit both film and PC content.

For those searching for a projector for home use, there’s one other purpose of concern. For while I portrayed the projector as “Full HD”, its determination is in truth 1,920 x 1,200 instead of 1,920 x 1,080. This implies it has a PC-accommodating 16:10 local widescreen viewpoint proportion as opposed to a video-accommodating 16:9 one.

As you’d expect, the projector conveys the choice to demonstrate 16:9 widescreen sources in their local proportion; you don’t need to see them extended vertically to fill the EB-U04’s full determination. Be that as it may, there’s no getting round the way that 16:10 picture cuts are intended for PC instead of video utilize.

With the EB-U04 possibly getting utilized at work and home, it’s great to discover Epson guaranteeing a gigantic light and channel life of 10,000 hours – generally enough to convey one motion picture a day for a long time!

Note, however, that to accomplish this life expectancy you’ll have to keep the projector running in its decreased shine Eco mode. This may not really be conceivable if your office or home condition has much encompassing light.

On a positive, I ought to remind that this LCD projector won’t endure with the rainbow striping issue regular with equal DLP innovation. Moreover, it ought to likewise convey all the more splendid pictures all the more reliably on the grounds that, dissimilar to DLP innovation, LCD projectors don’t utilize a shading wheel to deliver.

On the other side, the EB-U04’s LCD innovation will prompt a lessening in picture quality over the projector’s life than you’re probably going to see with a DLP demonstrate.

The EB-U04 has a sensible number of setup alternatives. Physically, here’s a little measure of optical zoom, a drop-down leg under the front edge of the unit and screw-down legs at each back corner. There’s additionally a somewhat clever sliding cornerstone revision handle over the focal point, which gets the sides of the picture straight in case you’re positioning it off to the side.

The absence of optical vertical picture move shouldn’t be an astonishment at this value point.

The EB-U04’s potential work and play nature is reflected in its photo presets, which incorporate both a Cinema mode and a Presentations mode. Different modifications incorporate a clamor lessening framework (best left off when watching HD); counterbalance and pick up changes for the RGB shading components; Normal and Eco modes for the light; and the alternative to set an auto iris framework to off, Normal, or High Speed.

My encourage is guarantee you pick the correct choice – Presentations or Cinema preset – for what you’re going to utilize it for. Likewise, when viewing a motion picture in a sensibly dim room, the light ought to be set to Eco to get somewhat more dark level reaction out of the optics and definitely lessen the projector’s running clamor.

I’d additionally prescribe setting the auto iris choice to Normal instead of High Speed, since while this can bring about incidental slack in how the brilliance reacts to changes in the picture content, it likewise makes the iris framework less scratching clamors. More on this later.

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