Epson EH-TW9300W Projector User Manual

Epson EH-TW9300W Projector User Manual

Epson EH-TW9300W Projector Overview

The EH-TW9300W is a £3,300 LCD projector. That may sound soak, yet it offers a considerable measure. It plays both 4K and high unique range (HDR) signals, and furthermore sends with a remote HD framework that gives you a chance to bar pictures to the projector – without with the standard long link runs.

Add to these key elements a portion of the best picture quality I’ve seen from a sub-£10,000 projector, and the EH-TW9300W starts to seem as though one of the home silver screen world’s greatest deals.

As is apparently the case with all projectors that gloat some sort of 4K ability, the EH-TW9300W is a major unit. Not exactly on a standard with the really colossal JVC Z1, or Sony’s local 4K models, however surely enough to possess a reasonable piece of a foot stool or shade the edges of a commonplace projector stand.

I don’t consider this to be a noteworthy issue, since this is a projector that should be housed in a devoted home silver screen room at any rate.

The EH-TW9300W is done in an elegant matte white, in spite of the fact that there’s additionally a somewhat less expensive dark form (the TW9300) accessible without the remote HDMI box.

The unit feels somewhat plasticky, yet once set in its place, will probably be struck by its charming chiseling than any clear feebleness.

The EH-TW9300W’s remote control is magnificent. Its bizarrely huge size gives liberal space to its illuminated catches, and there’s a lot of direct catch access to key components, for example, singular information sources and key picture alterations or settings.

The EH-TW9300W’s associations are abnormally hit and miss. The consideration of the remote HDMI framework is an extraordinary touch, particularly since the transmission unit bolsters four diverse HDMI sources of info and conveys 4K HDR video over the wireless transmissions faultlessly.

There are just two HDMIs on the projector itself, however, and just a single of these is furnished with the HDCP 2.2 convention required to play Ultra HD Blu-beams. Likewise, I went over various baffling association restrictions and irregularities – caused, evidently, by the HDMI’s constrained data transfer capacity.

While my Panasonic UB900 and Samsung K8500 UHD BD players worked fine with 4K and HDR pictures (aside from ditching HDR when playing the 60 outlines every second Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk plate), the Xbox One S just conveys 4K HDR at 24 outlines per second, essentially constraining its HDR potential to UHD BD playback, not diversions. Also, even this level of Xbox One S support is just conceivable by means of the remote HDMI framework; attempt an immediate association with the projector’s 4K-able HDMI input and there’s no HDR bolster by any stretch of the imagination!

With the PS4 Pro I could get HDR without issue, however just to the detriment of determination, with HDR recreations being confined to 1080p as opposed to the higher resolutions of which the vast majority of them are presently competent. This circumstance continued as before paying little mind to whether I utilized the remote HDMI framework or an immediate association.

I additionally had issues with Sky Q, just having the capacity to play UHD content from it (by means of direct association or the remote framework) in the event that I chose the 8-bit yield instead of the 10-bit one.

The principal thing you have to comprehend about the EH-TW9300W’s photo components is that while it will get and play 4K pictures, it doesn’t utilize local 4K LCD chips. Rather, it changes over approaching UHD signs to HD, at that point goes them through a “pseudo” 4K framework like JVC’s e-move innovation to reproduce something drawing closer a 4K impact.

As far as detail and lucidity, the subsequent picture is no trade for a genuine local 4K picture of the sort conveyed by Sony’s VW550ES, VW320ES, Acer V9800 and BenQ X12000. In any case, as we’ll see, its outcomes are extensively superior to ordinary HD.

Where HDR is concerned, the EH-TW9300W’s guaranteed 2,500 lumens of light yield is brighter than that of most genuine home film projectors in the sub-£5,000 value section. Additionally, the shading channel that kicks in with the Cinema modes is figured to convey near 100% of the DCI-P3 shading standard utilized as a part of business advanced films. This is still just around seventy five percent of the full shading range utilized by the Rec 2020 shading compartment utilized by Ultra HD Blu-beams, yet it’s a major progress on the typical SDR Rec 709 shading range.

The EH-TW9300W has a couple video handling choices, including standard and MPEG clamor decrease, a ‘Super-Resolution’ highlight for boosting sharpness, a detail improvement include for boosting surface and fine detail, and a Frame Interpolation movement pay framework.

The EH-TW9300W can bolster 3D (albeit no glasses were accommodated this survey), lastly, and additionally the 10 focal point memory settings specified before, focal point controls stretch out to a programmed iris framework, a manual iris alteration, and three distinctive light settings. These light control alternatives are sufficient to empower you to streamline the photo for any picture taste or room setup. Given that room is prevalently dim.

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