Epson L380 Brochure PDF Download Free AIO Printer

Epson L380 Brochure PDF Download Free AIO Printer

Epson L380 Brochure PDF Download

Epson L380 Brochure PDF – Part of the organization’s Intank printer range, the Epson L380 is intended for small and medium-sized businesses, as well as home offices. Relying on an ultra-simple print Setup, the L380 is a versatile gadget that accompanies a large number of network strengths, including printing from administrations of nifty gadgets and distributed storage.

Yet, is this extremely justified regardless of the sale price of Rs 10 999? Read our full audit to find out.

Weighing about 4.4 kg, the Epson L380 is a bit heavy. It has a box as a structure completed by a cache and accompanies a top that needs to be highlighted to examine/duplicate the archives. This is what we found in all multi-task printers (MFP). The information paper plate is at the back. It accompanies a different ink box on the right side of the hand, giving less demanding access.

The front panel houses the Epson logo and, just below it, 4 plugs that can be used to achieve every essential utility. Starting with the current socket, the following two captures are used to choose between monochrome and shaded duplicates, while the last capture is used to stop the current dynamic task. In addition, the two central plugs can be used to scan and store archives as PDF files on the PC. Under much of this current, there is a multi-arrangement retractable paper plate.

Epson L380 requires remote availability and an interface with the PC via USB 2.0. In spite of the fact that we would have a remote availability, since the printer will probably stay in the same place, it’s not really a problem either.

In general, we found that the contour and manufacturing nature of the L380 were durable.

Epson L380 Brochure PDF – To start with the Epson L380, you must first introduce the printer drivers to the PC. You can get them either on the Epson site or on the establishment plate supplied with the printer. It has a most extreme printing determination of 5760×1440 (enhancement) dpi. The printer reinforces all standard paper sizes, for example, 3.5 “x5 “, 4 “x 6 “, 5 “X7 “, 8 “x10 “, 8.5 “x11 “, A4, A6 and A5, among others. It can print on paper up to a maximum of 8.5 x 44 crawls in estimation.

For our tests, we printed black and white content, shaded content and glossy images on A4-size sheets of paper and were very pleased with the overall performance of the printer.

Epson L380 Brochure PDF – The print speed with full black and white recordings has been found to be associated with 10 to 11 pages at any time. For reports on colorful content, it fell to about 5 pages for every moment.

The L380 prints in about fifteen seconds a photo in A4 high definition format. This time is relatively multiplied (32 seconds) when the print quality is changed to the most extreme, resulting in an undeniable increase in the sharpness and quality of the image.

Epson L380 Brochure PDF – Throughout our tests, we found that the overall print nature of the Epson L380 was nice. The tinted photographic prints are close to the first photographs. The shades are also very precise and their appropriation is even.

The utility of filtering also worked very well in our opportunity with the printer. We checked both recordings and photographs and the procedure was extremely simple once the pilots were legitimately introduced. It took about 30 seconds for the L380 to completely scan and print a shaded image, which we think is fine.

With fine print quality and high print speed, the Epson L380 is not a good alternative for people who need a direct printing/checking arrangement. Accessible at a cost of Rs 10 999 (intrigued customers can search for better deals on the Web), the L380 is perfect for small office and Home Office needs.

Epson L380 Brochure PDF Download

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