Epson VS340 User Manual XGA 3LCD Projector (V11H717220)

Epson VS340 User Manual XGA 3LCD Projector (V11H717220)

Epson VS340 User Manual Overview

Epson VS340 User Manual – The VS340 is an LCD-based information projector with the local XGA determination (1,024-by-768) and an evaluated splendor of 2,800 lumens. As largely most LCD projectors, however, at all like DLP-based models, for example, the BenQ MX723 — the VS340 is not equipped to display 3d content. This two-tone-white gadget with a dark front-measures 3.2 by 11.7 by 9.2 inches (HWD) and is sensibly light in 5.3 lbs, however, does not have a case of transport.

At all like the Epson VS240 SVGA 3LCD projector, which does not have an optical zoom, the VS340 has a 1.2 x zoom, giving you some adaptability in the projector’s layout as far as the screen is concerned. The VS340 is located between the Epson VS240 and the Epson VS345 WXGA 3LCD Projector with respect to cost and determination. The Epson VS345 offers an indistinguishable 1.2 x zoom from, and to some extent preferable image quality over, the VS340, with the ability to indicate a better detail.

The port option in the VS340 is useful with the facility projector. They incorporate a VGA port (which copies as part of video), an HDMI port, a S-video port and three RCA connectors for sound/composite video. A USB type B port backings USB connection and the game, which can reflect the substance of the screen of your PC, and a USB port type can take a USB Thumb drive or a discretionary ($99) Wi-Fi connector.

The VS340 does not have the scope of the ports of the Epson PowerLite 965H XGA 3LCD projector, which includes Ethernet, a moment VGA port, and a moment, MHL-HDMI port perfect for associating with tablets and advanced mobile phones. The VS340 is lighter and has a lower list cost than the Epson 965H, with all its 1.2 x zoom is discreetly contrasted and the Epson 965H’s 1.6 x zoom, and its sound frame is weak next to the sound frame of the Epson model , with its 16 watt loudspeaker.

Long light life for an LCD projector, combined with a minimum effort for replacement globules, helps keep the VS340 ‘s running expenses. Its knob is evaluated at 5,000 hours in normal mode and 10,000 hours in eco mode, and the replacement lights cost a simple $79.

The VS340 anticipated an image of 55 inches (measured obliquely) about 8 feet away from the screen. The picture rose well to the expanse of light encompassing. In our displaymate tests, the image quality of VS340 ‘s information is common for an XGA projector. The White class in dark is effortlessly discernible in the sizes down to 7.5 foci, while the blank dark class is effectively lucid in the sizes down to 9 foci.

The nuances in the tests were brilliant, which run from the mill of an LCD projector, as they have an indistinguishable shaded brilliance of white splendor, while the DLP models have a tendency to topple the splendor of the shadow. I noticed a shading balance on various shading modes, in which some test images, especially those of dim scale, had a green or soft red hue.

The quality of the video in my tests was useful for a projector of information, and it is appropriate to indicate short cuts to mediums of length as an important aspect of an introduction. Like an LCD screen, the VS340 ‘s video is free of the conceivablely irritating rainbow antiques that are frequently observed with DLP projectors. The nuances were somewhat off in some test scenes-there was a tendency to be excessively red. The sound of the single speaker of a watt is delicate, enough for a small room.

While the list of Epson VS340 XGA 3LCD Projector capabilities loses the mark with respect to the Epson PowerLite 965H, the XGA option of our editors demonstrates a small-to medium-sized space, and their image quality, especially for information, is not Compatible with the Epson Display, it is a strong and low-value decision. It offers a great incentive for your money and merits taking into account for your school or business in the event that you require an expense information projector that makes a better than average showing with respect to the video as well.

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