Huawei Honor 6X User Manual

Huawei Honor 6X User Manual

Huawei Honor 6X Overview

The Honor 5X from mid 2016 was outstanding amongst other low-end telephones you could purchase a year ago – we even gave it four out of five stars.

Respect needs to reproduce that accomplishment in 2017 with the Honor 6X, with a couple of minor enhancements and a comparably low value point to urge you to run with the cutting-edge Chinese brand.

There are a great deal of specs here that in the no so distant past you’d have anticipated that would just element in upper mid-range to top of the line telephones, yet Honor has figured out how to pack them into something generously less expensive.

Yet, things advance rapidly in the realm of telephones, and nowadays there’s solid rivalry at this end of the market from any semblance of the Moto G4 and Moto G4 Plus, so can the Honor 6X contend?

Estimating astute Honor initially discharged the telephones at comparative costs in the US and UK at $249.99 and £229. Those in the US have now observed a value drop however so the telephone is down to $199.99, while it’s still around £225 in the UK.

That is a changeless value drop as well, and Honor has affirmed to TechRadar there are as of now no plans to diminish the cost of the 6X in the UK. It now coordinates the US dispatch cost of the Honor 5X, which cost just $199.99 (£189.99, about AU$275).


The Honor 6X isn’t pressed brimming with the most recent cell phone highlights, however it has a couple of key features that mean it emerges against a ton of the opposition.

One of these is the unique mark scanner on the back of the telephone. Telephones at this value point still don’t all have the additional security of a unique mark scanner, however this one does and it’s one of the speediest around.

Being on the back means it’s in a helpful position for when you have the telephone in your grasp, however it can get chafing in the event that you put your telephone down a ton on work areas.

Another key feature is the camera – there’s a double sensor shooter on the back of the Honor 6X and this is one of the main circumstances we have seen this sort of setup on a spending telephone.

It implies you can utilize the wide-opening mode to concentrate your shots on objects in the closer view and obscure the foundation of every photograph. It’s an extraordinary little trap and one you won’t have the capacity to get on some other present day cell phone that expenses as meager as the Honor 6X.


Not at all like a large portion of the telephones at this value point, Honor has figured out how to incorporate a metal unibody outline here that gives the 6X a marginally premium feel.

The construct quality isn’t awesome and it doesn’t sit as easily in the hand as the Honor 8 or Huawei Mate 9, yet it does even now feel more premium than, say, the plastic-upheld Moto G4 Plus.

Those with little hands may discover the Honor 6X somewhat hard to hold with its 5.5-inch screen in the center, however we delighted in utilizing it.

It’s a touch thicker than we’d sought after at 8.2mm, however it’s not unweidly at that thickness.

The power catch on the correct hand side of the telephone is anything but difficult to reach with your thumb, while the volume rocker sits simply above it and again is anything but difficult to tap.

There’s a unique mark sensor on the back of the telephone and the double camera sits simply over that, bulging out more than we’d like.

It implies the telephone doesn’t sit level when put on a surface, however it’s a superior decision than making the whole handset thicker.

The edges of the telephone are adjusted off well and don’t feel awkward when you hold it. It’s additionally significant the 3.5mm earphone jack at the upper right of the handset.

This is in a decent position for when you’re tuning in to music in a hurry and need to keep your telephone upright in your pocket.

Shading astute you have three choices on the Honor 6X. There’s a silver, a gold and a dark rendition. The contrasts amongst dark and silver are negligible however and the gold variant isn’t especially attractive.

That is not really a terrible thing however. For the motivations behind this audit we had the gold form of the 6X, and it never felt embarrassingly gaudy like some gold or rose gold hues can on telephones.

Concerning the Honor 6X’s screen, for what it costs you’ll likely be content with the setup.

It’s a substantial screen at 5.5 inches, presenting a 1080p determination. You could get a marginally clearer picture by settling on a telephone with a QHD show, yet that is not going to occur at this value point.

The Honor 6X has a pleasantly splendid screen with great survey edges. Hues look OK and the shine can go up to an incredible level.

Auto-splendor on the Honor 6X functions admirably as well and we thought that it was best to simply leave that on and let it do its thing.

The bezels around the screen on the Honor 6X are very thick, yet this doesn’t make it any more hard to utilize the telephone and just effects upon the look of the handset as opposed to how it functions.

Huawei Honor 6X User Manual

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