Huawei Nova 3 User Manual / User Guide PDF

Huawei Nova 3 User Manual / User Guide PDF

Huawei Nova 3 Overview

Huawei Nova 3 User Manual – What happens with Huawei smartphones and Honor is that they will never disappoint you too much or dazzle you with poise. There is a sense of skepticism or great excitement when you launch a Huawei phone. Then, when the last of the Huawei stable, the Huawei Nova 3, landed on our review table, the first thought was “Another Huawei smart phone/Honor “. However, the Huawei Nova 3 has quite a few things (four cameras, good design), but does it really meet or follow the path established by its predecessors?

With so many smartphones, it must be said that Huawei has almost perfected the design aspect. The Huawei Nova 3 offers excellent construction quality with a sturdy metal frame and a glossy glass backrest. The smart phone bezels are just there and this is a very good looking device. The back of the glass makes the phone prone to stains and slightly slippery, but that’s the deal you get with the smartphones of this design some may call it squeaky, while others call it “bold ” but the It’s true that Huawei Nova 3 makes you see it more than twice. The choice of colors for Huawei is slowly growing in people and they are apreciándolos.

The dual SIM card hybrid tray is on the left side, while the volume button and power button are on the right side. Just at the bottom you will find the usual range of offerings, such as the headphone jack, the C-type USB port and the speaker grille. Despite being a slightly higher smartphone, single-handed operations are fairly easy to manage. The Huawei Nova 3 screams elegance and a premium look from all angles, and Huawei deserves all the credit for getting the design place.

Huawei Nova 3 User Manual – Like most smartphones that do not work with Android, Huawei Nova 3 comes with its own user interface called EMUI 8.2. For us, EMUI is one of the best interfaces compared to Xiaomi, Vivo and Oppo. It is much more tidy, clean and elegant and gives you enough personalization options. The smartphone runs Android 8.1 Oreo and comes loaded with some pre-installed applications, but all can be removed if you want to get rid of them.

Huawei Nova 3 has an interesting visual search function that comes by courtesy of Amazon Alexa. It works in a similar way to the application of the Samsung Mall, where one has to use the camera application. The application will scan the object to which the camera points, take it to the Amazon application and display the same products or similar products.

Huawei Nova 3 User Manual – Huawei Nova 3 is powered by the company’s own Kirin 970 processor, the basic element in the Chinese smartphone manufacturer’s “emblematic” phones. We have used it in honor View 10, Honor 10 and also offers reliable performance in the Huawei Nova 3. There was no delay, stuttering or heating problems even when you put your smartphone on strenuous tasks. The heavy game was handled with relative ease by the Huawei Nova 3. Not once did we feel that the smartphone was being left behind in terms of performance. It’s certainly not on the OnePlus 6 level, but it’s still good enough.

Huawei Nova 3 User Manual – At least on paper, this is the biggest differentiator that distinguishes Huawei Nova 3 from the competition. It’s not that this is the first smartphone with four cameras, two on the front and two on the back, but it does arouse curiosity.

Let’s talk first about the rear camera, which has a primary rear sensor of 16MP with PDAF and aperture lens f/1.8. The other sensor on the back is a 24MP module. Huawei claims that both cameras have an AI processor, which basically enhances the camera experience. There is an option to disable AI enhancement in case you find the images too artificial (unintentional). In our case, we find ourselves using the camera without the improvement of AI, because it really oversaturates the colors.

Having said that, most of the other shots, especially in broad daylight, by clicking on the Huawei Nova 3 are detailed and look as good as any other phone in this price range. Surprisingly, Huawei Nova 3 lacks OIS, which means that images that are clicked under low light or night conditions are not so convincing. One has to be really stable by clicking on them or ending up with blurry images. The portrait mode on Huawei Nova 3 is good enough but it’s not the best we’ve seen. Like the IPhone X, here you can also change the lighting in portrait mode and add certain settings.

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