Huawei P20 User Manual / User Guide PDF Download

Huawei P20 User Manual / User Guide PDF Download

Huawei P20 User Manual When it was first confirmed that the follow-up of the well-received Huawei P10 would be called P20, our hopes increased. Skipping the numbers P11 to P19 would mean that the new phone would be a big leap forward, maybe even twice as good, as its predecessor?

Well, despite a new and surprising design and an elegant camera with artificial intelligence, our new P20 left us a little cold. After reviewing it completely and his biggest and most expensive brother, the Huawei P20 Pro, our initial evaluation was successful.

Don’t get us wrong, the Huawei P20 is a great phone in itself, but it hasn’t gone far enough from the P10 to be an attractive purchase for the 2018, especially when all the features we wanted have been implemented Pro and left the spec sheet for The smallest phone.

Then there are the Huawei matte 20 and matte 20 to consider, more expensive and also more capable. If you want the best phone that Huawei has to offer in 2018, it is not likely to take you to P20.

All of this is moot for people in the United States, where Huawei phones are rapidly disappearing as a result of the loss of key supplier agreements and possibly government contracts.

Something that is not surprising in that climate, Huawei confirmed that the P20 will not appear in the land of the free.

Huawei P20 User Manual – However, it is available in the UK and Australia, and after launching at £599, without AU $999 without SIM, the price of the Huawei P20 has dropped to about £400 in the UK, making it more attractive. We have also seen it for less than AU $700 in Australia, although it is becoming less easy to find.

In terms of budget, that means it is on the side of the LG V30 and is much more economical than the Samsung Galaxy S9 and the Google Pixel 2 XL. However, the Mate 10 Pro, a little bigger and more powerful, is about the same price, which means you still have something to think about.

With the launch at the Grand Palais in Paris, the Huawei P20 had a glamorous start. The big sale for the phone was the AI-assisted dual camera on the back.

Photography has been the main goal (pun) of the product line, with the continuation of Leica’s successful association on the last phone.

Huawei P20 User Manual – The P20 features two Leica Summilux lenses on the back, as well as a neural processing unit in the Kirin chipset, which provides the artificial intelligence capability for the camera’s application. Huawei claims that the AI function of the camera helps him to become a better photographer, with suggestions and automatic mode change according to what the phone believes he is trying to represent.

If that sounds a little scary, and fear is something that Huawei should be hyperconscious with the reputation of the U.S. On the scales, it’s not. Mostly just means that when you’re taking pictures of a cat, the phone says “Hey! Cat! “and optimizes the settings to get the best shot possible.

The camera also includes enhanced low-light capabilities, including an AI infusion version of Super Night mode that allows you to take incredible night shots without the need for a tripod or supernaturally motionless hands.

Huawei P20 User Manual – The P20 includes insignia-level hardware: Along with the eight-core Kirin chip set there are 4 GB of RAM and a super generous 128 GB of storage. The complete package is covered by a super-stylish glass-backed phone in a selection of degraded finishes or, if you prefer, more common colors.

It cannot be denied that the P20 is a striking telephone. The first time we took it out on the London Underground, a group of teenagers asked what it was and declared it a “serious phone” (we assume this is good).

Huawei P20 User Manual – We usually only receive comments from strangers when we carry a OnePlus (which is a bit like a Nerd Club membership card), so clearly Huawei has done a good job in designing. Our review unit has the pink gold design, although in reality the gradient in that color is quite subtle.

The toughened glass back of the phone has a opalescent pink finish that gives it a beautiful look of nacre, and although not all will appreciate the pink gradient or the (light), many people will love a phone with appearance as they found it in the Beach.

That being said, since it is so soft, the back makes this phone a slippery fish. You may want to place it in a grab case if you do not want it to slide off the tables.

Huawei P20 User Manual Download

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