Linksys EA6700 AC1750 Dual-Band Smart Wi-Fi User Manual

Linksys EA6700 AC1750 Dual-Band Smart Wi-Fi User Manual

Linksys EA6700 AC1750 Dual-Band Smart Wi-Fi Overview


The EA6500 is Linksys’ new pioneer 802.11ac remote switch. It replaces the EA6500, Linksys’ past marvelous model and its first change to support the bleeding edge aerating and cooling remote standard.


The EA6500 is our present pick of the 802.11ac switches available, so given the EA6700 will supplant it on shop racks it has colossal shoes to fill.


From first look the EA6700 is by all accounts indistinct to its ancestor. This is not by any stretch of the imagination a dreadful thing. Much like a ThinkPad, Linksys’ outstanding switches have had an unfaltering diagram for a long time and the EA6700 holds this same rectangular, divider mountable shape. A considerable measure of accepted is behind it: the matt dull finish contradicts clean and fingerprints and the metallic band adds to its discrete sharp turn and opens upward to make space for a ventilation fire sear.

Inquisitively the EA6700 still amusements the Cisco logo, paying little respect to Cisco offering Linksys to Belkin a few months earlier. Belkin has formally pronounced it will keep the Linksys checking, however whether it will in like manner add its own particular logo to the EA6700 in time is dark.


The primary sign that movements are bring forth is along the back of the EA6700 with the EA6500’s consolidate of USB 2.0 ports supplanted by one USB 2.0 and one welcome USB 3.0. The organization of the ports has furthermore been changed. Running left to right you now have USB 3.0, USB 2.0, 4x Gigabit Ethernet ports, an Internet port (for partner with your modem), a reset pinhole, control connection and power switch.


Heretofore the USB ports had been sandwiched between the Ethernet ports and power get and the new game-plan makes them more open.


Adjacent to USB 3.0, the EA6700 ticks a comparable fundamental boxes as the EA6500. Its element highlight remains its 1300Mbit 802.11ac and this is expanded by 450Mbit 802.11n for the misleading “1750Mbit” figure punted by most aerating and cooling remote switches. These gatherings are controlled by six inside 3D radio wires with high power enhancers.


The other thought with any new Linksys switch is the association’s ‘Sharp WiFi’ (as of now ‘Interface Cloud’). Splendid WiFi is a Cloud stage which enables you to get to your change from any zone by marking in at or using the association’s authentic Android and iOS applications. Savvy WiFi lets you remotely incorporate or empty devices your framework, accommodate security and parental settings, control guest get the chance to, arrange contraptions or applications, change passwords and even the switch SSID and impart bunches. It moreover has an API for third assembling applications and their numbers are creating.


Interface Cloud truly had an antagonistic dispatch as it independently constrained itself on all the latest pre-Cloud Linksys switches. In any case, under the Smart WiFi standard it has formed into by far the most appealing, instinctual and controlled switch control organize at this moment open. It won’t terrify technophobes and moved customers can change particulars to their heart’s substance.

Like the EA6500, the EA6700 also cooks for customers with NFC engaged devices with a bundled “SimpleTap” card. Just touch the card to your NFC contraption and it will be subsequently connected with the EA6700’s 802.11n 2.4GHz remote. Why Linksys related the card with this band is down to inescapability as remote n 5GHz support still isn’t all inclusive and clearly 802.11ac reinforce right now is even rarer. Along these lines, SimpleTap is an inconceivable way to deal with quickly incorporate devices.


Not overlooking the more last minute parts, the EA6700 in like manner supports IPv6, Dynamic DNS, port sending and there’s even a consolidated broadband speed analyzer.


When it impelled Connect Cloud made setting up the EA6500 a breeze, however with the dispatch of the EA6700 and the new Smart WiFi moniker it has hit another level of convenience. Amid a period of mobile phones, tablets and Ultrabooks, we denounced the EA6500 for up ’til now basing its (for the most part immediate) setup on a CD, yet with the EA6700 everything is dealt with by the switch itself.


Given the remote arrangement inside the EA6700 is unaltered from the EA6500 and we took a stab at using definitely the same and unclear rigging (checking Linksys’ own 802.11ac remote expansion – the ‘WUMC710 Universal Media Connector’ – underneath) we expected close vague results, however that wasn’t what we got.


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