Linksys WRT160N User Manual

Linksys WRT160N User Manual

Linksys WRT160N Overview


By and large, the WRT160N is much similar to Linksys’ WRT320N switch, less the support for the 5Ghz band and Gigabit Ethernet. Regardless, it holds a similar smaller and smooth looking UFO-formed outline with inner reception apparatuses.


The WRT160N accomplished not too bad throughput speeds, particularly in blended mode and range testing. It likewise accompanies a decent arrangement of systems administration highlights and a valuable desktop application that sets up and oversee both the switch and the nearby system. Additionally, you can utilize its Web interface to get to its propelled highlights.

Like Linksys’ current switches, for example, the WRT320N, the WRT400N and the WRT310N, the WRT160N sports a tastefully satisfying smooth, level, UFO-formed body. The switch’s recieving wires are inner, permitting it to be more smaller than other, correspondingly measured switches.


On the back the WRT160N has four system ports, standard for generally switches. Lamentably, these ports don’t stick to the Gigabit Ethernet standard, which takes into account throughput velocities of up to 1,000Mbps. Rather, the ports on the WRT160N are topped at 100Mbps, so on the off chance that you utilize the switch for wired associations, you’ll be passing up a major opportunity for the higher speed. Additionally disillusioning is the oversight of a USB port, which would take into consideration supporting a printer or system stockpiling gadget.


On the front of the switch is a variety of light emanating diodes that demonstrate the status of the ports, the remote system, and the Internet. Amidst the LEDs is the Wi-Fi ensured setup (WPS) catch, which starts a window of time when you can snare different WPS-consistent remote customers to the system without entering an encryption key. For instance in the event that you convey a WPS-empowered customer near the switch and press the catch on both gadgets, they will be associated naturally.


The WRT160N switch has about a similar Web interface and systems administration includes as the other late Linksys switches. The interface permits access to the switches’ not insignificant rundown of cutting edge highlights. We particularly loved its intricate substance sifting framework, called “Get to Restrictions,” that takes into consideration confining or separating Internet access of specific arranged PCs. This is useful in the event that you need to obstruct certain PCs from certain Web destinations.  You can likewise advantageously hold static IP locations to specific PCs in the system, making the port sending substantially more pertinent and simple to do. In the event that you need to make a VPN association, a FTP get to, or a remote desktop association with a specific PC in the system, you will locate this helpful and advantageous.


The desktop programming additionally offers some unique post-setup highlights. We particularly preferred the capacity to see a guide of all customers associated with the system and the capacity to deal with each of them progressively. For instance, on the off chance that you see a unidentified gadget associated with the system, the product permits you to check it in red to recognize it from other known gadgets. On the off chance that a customer in the system has EasyLink Advisor introduced, you can accomplish all the more, for example, seeing its total status including its MAC, IP address, OS and CPU data, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.


For security, the WRT160N underpins all accessible remote encryption guidelines including WEP, WPA individual, and WPA Enterprise. The switch takes into account VPN go through for all current VPN conventions including IPsec, L2TP, and PPTP. In case you’re utilizing the switch from your home, you can utilize a VPN customer to get to your work workplaces by means of a VPN association.


The WRT160N accompanies Linksys’ EasyLink Advisor programming for both PC and Mac. The product is all around composed and offers a well-thoroughly considered, well ordered setup handle that even the most amateur of clients can take after. Sagacious clients might need to skip it for the Web interface, which is more far reaching than the desktop programming.

We had no issues and could get the Linksys WRT160N switch up and running for testing inside a couple of minutes.


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