Linksys WRT54GL User Manual

Linksys WRT54GL User Manual

Linksys WRT54GL Overview


The Linksys Wireless-G WRT54G’s greatest quality is its fantastic UI. Both its switch and its customer card setup interfaces (and in addition the customer utility) are of a development and effortlessness seldom found in this class.


The WRT54G additionally incorporates a broad list of capabilities, with numerous security alternatives, for example, WEP, WPA with preshared key, and 802.1x, and also MAC address sifting. You can likewise make time-and date-based get to arrangements. Gamers will appreciate the capacity to open a scope of ports or design triggers to bolster web based gaming. Furthermore, the WRT54G offers a DMZ and QoS transfer speed control. Fantastic, setting delicate online help and UPnP bolster round off the offerings.


In spite of the fact that the WRT54G wasn’t the top entertainer in our gathering, it scored well at each separation. It didn’t drop off as sharply as others from 60 to 120 feet, and it sent a strong flag out to 160 feet.


The WRT54G is a decent passage level switch with an incredible interface, fabulous security, and a lot of additional design components. This blend settles on it our Editors’ Choice among Fast switches.


With its capacity to associate Ethernet and three unique kinds of 802.11 customers, the Linksys WRT55AG double band Wireless A+G broadband switch is a jack-of-all-systems administration exchanges. By consolidating a four-port Ethernet switch, a 802.11a get to point, and a 802.11g get to point, the WRT55AG gives more remote alternatives than any other time in recent memory for those amassing a home-or little office LAN. The Linksys WRT55AG is likewise simple to set up and incorporates a great looking security bundle, making it a protected and open item that is appropriate for systems administration novices and LAN masters alike. It’s less demanding to set up the WRT55AG than it is design an Ethernet switch and three separate get to focuses, and it consumes up less room too. Simply run the incorporated CD’s Setup Wizard on an associated framework, and the product strolls you through the procedure, provoking you to choose your kind of Internet association, your system name, and the remote channels you need to utilize. It takes just a couple of minutes to set up the WRT55AG to communicate your broadband Internet association all through your home, however you might need to invest somewhat more energy changing a couple of extra security settings. At $299, the WRT55AG appears to be costly until you consider what it may cost you to purchase the greater part of its incorporated segments independently, and shrewd shopping can score you the switch for as meager as $250.


The WRT55AG’s Setup Wizard rearranges establishment, yet it doesn’t do much to help you make your system more secure. As a matter of course, the switch accompanies its SSIDs set to linksys-an and linksys-g and its WEP encryption killed. These simple to-figure defaults make the switch a prime possibility for a programmer’s wandering eye. On the off chance that you need your system secure, you ought to begin by turning on WEP through the switch’s remote arrangement page.


You can likewise arrange the WRT55AG by indicating a program on the PC being referred to the switch’s default IP address, which you can discover in the speedy begin manage. In the wake of connecting to the right watchword, a reduced, selected interface introduces the Setup screen, which gives you a chance to set the nuts and bolts (time zone, IP address, and sort of association) and also points of interest, for example, SSID, channel, and different settings for 802.11a and 802.11b/g systems. A helpful outline screen gives you a chance to check over the settings before tolerating them. Redesigning the WRT55AG’s firmware is a straightforward a single tick operation. That is something worth being thankful for in light of the fact that you will presumably need to overhaul the switch this late spring to align it with the 802.11g spec once it is concluded and furthermore to include WPA security. WPA will give the switch a significantly more capable encryption plot than that offered by WEP.


The WRT55AG additionally incorporates an Ethernet link, a printed setup manage, a little AC connector and a helpful plastic plate, used to stack the WRT55AG on top of different Linksys apparatus or mount it onto a divider or a roof. The switch accompanies two CDs: one contains an electronic form of the unit’s manual and setup programming; alternate has a full form of Norton Internet Security 2003 suite. Regardless of its cutting edge capacities, the WRT55AG looks like most other blue-and-dark Linksys equip. The front LEDs demonstrate action on the remote and wired associations, and a different LED permits you to screen the recurrence of impacts on your system, permitting you to better investigate debasements in execution. The back board incorporates five Ethernet jacks- – one for your broadband association and four for your LAN- – a couple of customizable recieving wires, and a reset catch that profits to the WRT55AG to its default settings. The WRT55AG can hypothetically bolster up to 253 simultaneous associations, even in blended Windows, Linux, and Macintosh systems, yet Linksys offers help just for frameworks running Windows 98 or more current.


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