Motorola Moto Z Play Droid User Manual (User Guide)

Motorola Moto Z Play Droid User Manual (User Guide)

Motorola Moto Z Play Droid Overview


Motorola’s flagship Moto Z is in real risk of being shaded by its less expensive sibling, the Z Play. The Lenovo-owned brand name has taken exactly what must have been an uninteresting mid-range phone and also transformed it right into among the standout phones of 2016.

Truthfully, just two of its crucial functions contribute to the elevation to such status. First: the substantial 3,510 mAh battery opens the door to real two-day battery life. 2nd: the modular, magnetic back panel permits Moto Mods enhancements that may be genuinely compelling.


In each location the Moto Z Play is a typical, mid-range smartphone, as well as although its mid-₤ 300 rate suggests it will naturally be compared with the impressive OnePlus 3, both phones are really extremely different.

The Moto Z Play sports an extremely comparable layout to the front runner Moto Z. A 5.5-inch screen is bordered by a silver framework, punctuated by a set of lighter silver antennae. It’s much heavier, however, weighing in at a beefy 165g– a complete 29g heavier compared to the Moto Z. It’s thick, too, at 7mm.


The back of the phone is made from a super-smooth glass that’s almost impossible to grip comfortably.

Luckily, the handset isn’t really suggested to be used in that way. The subjected ports below the backplate are where you’ll snap on Moto Mods, as well as the very first one you’ll likely use is the plastic back that is available in the box with the phone. My unit featured a stylish, black plastic cover that appears like it’s been run over continuously by a Ford Mustang doing wheel rotates.

It’s very easy sufficient to hold in one hand, but the extra weight and also density is definitely obvious– although those updating from a low-end phone are not likely to observe. I did locate that the plastic back did obtain pretty slippery when my palms became perspiring.


I have very average-sized hands and also my thumbs don’t comfortably reach the top of the screen when waiting one-handed, although it’s possible with a stretch.

There are various other Mods available for the Moto Z Play, consisting of a zoom-lens Hasselblad cam and also a JBL speaker/stand/battery pack combination.


Up top, there’s a rounded camera module that integrates a double LED flash as well as 16-megapixel video camera. Without the backing in place, the electronic camera module sticks out significantly. In typical use, however, the sensor will certainly be secured by the thickness of the back cover or whichever various other Moto Mod you happen to be utilizing.

On the top edge of the phone you’ll discover the SIM card/SD card tray mix, and that’s it. At the bottom, there’s a USB Type-C port and also a 3.5 mm earphone jack (the latter isn’t really included on the flagship Moto Z).

The right-side is the home of 3 equally-sized switches through 2 quantity tricks as well as a distinctive power button. After a week of use I struggled to distinguish between the two quantity switches and the power key, especially when the phone remained in my pocket. The truth they’re uniformly spaced doesn’t make points much easier.


The screen doesn’t take advantage of a Gorilla Glass layer, which is particularly pertinent for me as my previous Moto X Style’s display was damaged after being torn from my hands (then dropped) by a bicycle-riding burglar.

The Moto Z Play sports a 5.5-inch, Full HD Super AMOLED display with a 407ppi pixel thickness. Full HD is a fine resolution at this size as well as I experience no concerns with rugged lines or blurred apps.


The screen’s optimum illumination does not compare to that of the most recent high-end front runners– the Samsung Galaxy S7, as an example– yet it’s more than intense enough for outdoor usage. I did bump up the brightness a little bit more than I had to because I discovered the auto-brightness feature could be too aggressive when lowering the display, making it challenging to see.

Checking out angles are broad, with the display showing up just somewhat dimmer when seen from oblique angles. Whites are tidy and also blacks behave and also deep. Shades can absolutely be richer, yet at this rate factor it’s all really appropriate.

The display screen is much brighter compared to the OnePlus 3’s display as well as is warmer, as well: where the OnePlus had a small blue tinge to it, the Moto Z has a comfy, a lot more yellowy hue.


The left and appropriate sections of the bezel are quite thick, with a black line complied with by the thick antenna truly highlighting this phone’s budget concessions.

The display operates in tandem with a tiny activity sensing unit on the bottom left of the phone that detects when you wave your turn over it and illuminate the display with a straightforward black and white interface to show you any type of missed alerts. You then press and hang on these notices to either reject or trigger them.


It’s amazing when it works, although I often found the phone would certainly illuminate of its own accord when absolutely nothing was happening around it. I additionally miss out on the visibility of a regular coloured LED, making me aware of any type of missed out on notices at a look.


The bult-in audio speakers are nice and loud, which makes them wonderful for viewing YouTube videos with multiple individuals as well as loading an area with noise. They’re not incredible for music, as you would certainly expect, yet they appear loud and clear from any type of angle.


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