Panasonic BDP-460 Blu-Ray Player User Manual PDF

Panasonic BDP-460 Blu-Ray Player User Manual PDF

Panasonic BDP-460 Blu-Ray Player Overview


If you desire a wonderful doing, future-proof disc rewriter as well as media banner, the 2D and 3D-capable DMP-BDT460 is a fine location to start. Costing a reassuringly expensive UK ₤ 199 (AUS$ 279), the DMP-BDT460 has all the trimmings you could expect to locate on a pricey deck such as this.

Construct top quality is a cut above Panasonic’s less costly decks, with a cleaned metallic top to the 415 x 43 x 182mm framework that houses some button for standby, disc expel, stop and play. On the front is a drop-down flap throughout the entire face, which covers the disc shot, a couple of USB ports and also an SD Card port.

Nevertheless, it’s exactly what’s around the back that notes this out as a step-up alternative. The DMP-BDT460 includes two HDMI results, essentially enabling any individual to upgrade to 3D without replacing an older non-HDMI AV receiver. This is something nothing else deck in Panasonic’s arsenal (or any other brand’s, for that matter) currently includes.

That’s not exactly what makes the DMP-BDT460 unique. We all recognize that the Ultra HD 4K period is coming, and also in preparation the DMP-BDT460 consists of some 4K upscaling. Big deal, you might assume– so it must at this rate. Nevertheless, it’s one-of-a-kind in including 4K JPEG Playback, which on first thought doesn’t seem like an elegant attribute in any way– besides, photos have been north of 10 megapixels for yonks.

Nonetheless, because a Full HD telly in fact only corresponds to about 2 megapixels, the dive to the eight-megapixel Ultra HD format implies brand-new photo software is additionally required. For the very first time you could in fact see the detail in photos you took years earlier. Simply include an Ultra HD telly.

In keeping with that photo-centric feature, the DMP-BDT460 includes an SD Card port, which no other Blu-ray gamer down Panasonic’s 2014 variety consists of.

Just what the DMP-BDT460 does do is vastly enhance the wise TELEVISION interface that’s offered on the UK variations of the DMP-BDT260 and also DMP-BDT360. The DMP-BDT460 has Viera Attach, which in our test of the UK variation included a front page of the BBC iPlayer, BBC News, Netflix, BBC Sport, MySpace, YouTube and also iConcerts. The 2nd page includes CNBC Real-Time, PlayJam Gamings, SHOUTcast Radio, Dailymotion, Euronews, Aupeo radio, Twitter, Facebook and also an internet browser, while a link to Market consists of myriad various other apps.

Any type of attempt to toggle the 24p alternative from off to on gets this confusing message– “Please select 24p(4K)/ 24K outcome to “24p” or “24p(4K)” in Arrangement”. There’s actually no justification for language like that on a product that declares to be ‘wise’. I needed to do the cardinal sin of exiting the movie making the setting adjustment.

Shades, comparison and also information are all toughness throughout 12 Years A Servant on 2D Blu-ray, with not a jagged side or motion artefact in sight. DVDs are upscaled well or even the 2D-3D conversion thrills, though a blast of 3D from a Blu-ray disc of Pacific Rim is much more excellent, supplying plenty of crosstalk-free deepness impacts. There is a depth adjuster on hand that goes to some exceptionally outstanding lengths, yet doing so does introduce crosstalk. It’s consequently best stayed clear of.

So exactly what regarding Ultra HD 4K? Allow’s begin with the only indigenous 4K it’s feasible to see on the DMP-BDT460– pictures. They do look spectacular from the DMP-BDT460 when it’s connected to an Ultra HD telly. The information is just wonderful, but it’s the vibrant series of colours and also comparison that many thrill.

If 4K JPEG Playback is a success, so is the DMP-BDT460’s 4K upscaling. Let’s not obtain carried away– it’s not magic– however it did drag enough detail from Pacific Rim making it extremely watchable on a 55-inch Ultra HD 4K telly. Most importantly, it eliminates jagged sides and artefacts around relocating items.

The DMP-BDT460 isn’t really Panasonic’s front runner Blu-ray deck for 2014– that honour mosts likely to the DMP-BDT700– but in lots of aspects it feels like one. Reliable 4K JPEG Playback as well as great 4K upscaling mark this out as a deserving purchase by anyone with an Ultra HD 4K display.

Within a great-looking layout the DMP-BDT460 stands out with its 4K JPEG Playback and also SD Card slot, its overall prowess with Blu-ray discs as well as DVDs, or even its 2D-3D conversion, which in fact does job.

The 4K upscaling shows its worth, while VieraConnect raises the interface from its simple origins. Digital file playback is another highlight; MKV, AVI, AVC HD, MPEG, MP4 and MOV video clip files played, as did MP3, M4A, WMA, FLAC as well as WAV audio documents.


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