Philips BDP7501 Blu-Ray Player User Manual

Philips BDP7501 Blu-Ray Player User Manual

Philips BDP7501 Blu-Ray Player Overview

Philips BDP7501 Blu-Ray Player User Manual – After numerous months in which the Samsung UBD-K9800 was the only Ultra HD Blu-ray player available for video clip lovers that want to take pleasure in the brand-new higher-resolution disc layout, the classification is lastly adding some competitors. Philips’ BDP7501 gamer and Microsoft’s Xbox One S 2TB pc gaming console have both gotten here, carrying the exact same MSRP as the Samsung gamer: $399.

Today we’re going to explore the Philips gamer, which has somewhat a lot more limited circulation. It is available online by means of (presently for $299), yet you will not find it on the shelves at your regional Best Acquire. [Editor’s upgrade, 9/7/16: The BDP7501 is now offered via Ideal Buy, both in stores and also online.] Via September 30, the player is being packed with the Creed Ultra HD Blu-ray disc, which is about a $30 to $35 worth.

Philips BDP7501 Blu-Ray Player User Manual – Like its rivals, the BDP7501 sustains Ultra HD Blu-ray playback with High Dynamic Range (HDR10) as well as the ability to pass up to 12-bit color and also the BT.2020 shade area. It likewise sustains playback of Blu-ray, 3D Blu-ray, DVD, and CD, but not SACD or DVD-Audio discs. It has interior Dolby TrueHD and also DTS-HD Master Sound decoding, as well as you can pass bitstream audio outcome to send Dolby Atmos as well as DTS: X soundtracks to your AV receiver. This networkable player consists of access to the 4K variations of Netflix and also YouTube, as well as it sustains playback of individual media data using USB or DLNA.
Now that we have actually got the fundamental specifications out of the way, let’s dig in to the BDP7501’s style and also efficiency.

The only buttons on the entire device are the power and also eject switches on the topside. The power system glows white when the system is switched on; past that, there are no indication lights as well as no front-panel display screen. The slide-out disc tray conceals behind a flip-down panel on the front. Around back, you’ll find double HDMI outcomes: the key result is HDMI 2.0 a with HDCP 2.2 copy protection, to send out the 4K video clip signal (and also accompanying audio) to your UHD-capable display or AV receiver. The 2nd output is for sound only, allowing you to mate this gamer with an older audio processor that does not have assistance for 4K, HDR, HDCP 2.2, and so on. This player lacks the optical digital audio result discovered on the Samsung player to additional boost compatibility with heritage audio sources.

Philips BDP7501 Blu-Ray Player User Manual – The remote is likewise fairly different from Samsung’s, which’s a good thing. If you recall, I had not been a follower of the Samsung remote: It’s far as well little, so the layout is cramped, and also Samsung chose to place the forward/reverse and chapter-skip functions on the very same switch, which is highly unintuitive. The Philips remote has to do with twice the size, which provides the switches area to take a breath as well as permits them all to be bigger and much easier to navigate in a dark room (the remote does not have backlighting). It likewise enables separate forward/reverse as well as chapter-skip buttons and specialized switches to release Netflix and also YouTube. The remote does not have separate Disc Menu as well as Pop-Up Menu buttons; you should hit the solitary Leading Menu switch throughout disc playback then select “Leading Food selection” onscreen to return to the disc’s primary menu. The remote’s topside has the very same rubbery appearance as the gamer itself, which is a nice touch.

I auditioned the BDP7501 with two HDR-capable UHD Televisions: LG’s 65EF9500 OLED TV from 2015 and also Samsung’s brand-new K9800 Series (testimonial to find). I also utilized it with Sony’s non-HDR-capable VPL-VW350ES 4K projector. For most of the evaluation, I fed the UHD video signal directly to the display screen and ran audio from the second HDMI result to an Onkyo TX-RZ900 AV receiver, but I likewise experimented with passing the complete A/V signal from the Philips’ primary HDMI result with the Onkyo receiver as well as on the LG TV, and that functioned penalty, too.

Philips BDP7501 Blu-Ray Player User Manual – The BDP7501’s Setups food selection is where you could make any required A/V adjustments to fit the player to your system. The BDP7501’s resolution setting is Vehicle by default, so you must obtain a photo whatever TV you connect to it. The resolution choices are Car, 4K, 1080p, 1008i, as well as 480p. There’s no Resource Straight setting to outcome every disc at its native resolution.

Philips BDP7501 Blu-Ray Player User Manual – I need to explain below that several UHD Televisions need you to allow UHD Deep Shade to pass the full little bit depth and also color space that are feasible with an Ultra HD Blu-ray gamer. Both the LG as well as Samsung Televisions I made use of have a setup aware food selection to do this (LG calls it HDMI ULTRA HD Deep Shade, as well as Samsung calls it HDMI UHD Shade). You’ll intend to activate Deep Color for the HDMI input to which the Philips player will be linked. If you do not have this function made it possible for in the TELEVISION, the Philips player will not pass the High Dynamic Variety signal, rather passing a standard dynamic variety version in its place (a lot more on this in the following area). For the document, the Samsung player will certainly pass HDR with the TV’s Deep Color function turned off, however you will not get the complete color benefits of the technology this way … I assume Philips is a good idea to play it safe and require you to set up your TELEVISION appropriately from the start.

Philips BDP7501 Blu-Ray Player User Manual

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