Samsung 55″ Class K6250 Curved Full HD TV User Manual

Samsung 55" Class K6250 Curved Full HD TV User Manual

Samsung 55″ Class K6250 Curved Full HD TV Overview

The Samsung K6250 is a mid-range 1080p bent TV. It looks fantastic with a streamlined design, as well as polished steel finish. Sadly it just uses ordinary image high quality as well as does not have attributes located in higher end TVs to improve this. The movement handling is poor, and also input lag is frustrating. A minimum of the wise platform works well.


The Samsung K6250 has a smooth layout, which appears fairly high end. The boundaries have a metallic surface, as well as the four-legged stand supports the TELEVISION well. The back is really much like the luxury Samsung KS8500, with the exact same reflective surface. Although it looks excellent, it also attracts finger prints and also dust.


The back is sleek, with a smooth and reflective plastic coating. It is very just like the luxury KS8500, however the inputs go straight right into the TV rather than a OneConnect box. The inputs all attach sidewards, so this must not be a concern for wall surface mounting.


The K6250 appears a little bit thicker in the picture due to the bent display. It is still fairly thin though, as well as looks excellent from the side.


The Samsung K6250 has an average photo high quality. The comparison ratio and also harmony ready, which should give relatively good image quality in a dark area. The upscaling efficiency is also good for viewing DVDs or cable TV. The picture high quality breaks down from the side, and also the shade range insurance coverage is only sufficient for SDR web content. The top brightness is bad, and also tiny highlights cause the whole screen dimming. This TV does not have any kind of regional dimming attribute.

Comparison proportion is very good for the Samsung K6250. Blacks are deep as well as must provide an excellent image quality in a dark room.


Black harmony is great. We could still make out a little clouding, yet it is a lot more noticeable in our test image. Throughout normal motion picture watching, the clouding is not truly noticeable.

There is no neighborhood dimming function readily available on the Samsung K6250. Video for recommendation just. There is an auto-dimming feature called ‘CE Dimming’, yet it is executed directly in the TV software as well as could not be control under ‘Flick’ image mode. This cause dark scene to become as well dark and is usually much more bothersome compared to useful. Under ‘COMPUTER’ mode the ‘CE Lowering’ is turned off.


The Samsung K6250 has a bad height illumination efficiency. The 2% home window is very dim due to the applied ‘CE Dimming’. Under ‘Movie’ image mode, the ‘CE Dimming’ could not be turned off unfortunately. All the other size home windows continue to be at around 272cd/m ², which is still well under what other mid-range TV can usually do.


The grey harmony is good for the K6250. On the test picture, you can see the left side is much more brilliant and also the right side is a lot more dark. Fortunately, the remainder of the image is reasonably consistent, which need to not create too much of filthy display effect.


Watching angle is ordinary for the K6250. The shades shed some saturation at an angle, but when compared with various other TVs with VA panel, the Samsung K6250 surpasses most of them.


Prior to calibration, the colors are somewhat oversaturated as well as white balance is a little bit off, but for most people this need to not be a problem.


Sadly the K6250 is incapable to deal with motion extremely well. Those sensitive to judder will certainly observe it when watching motion pictures, no matter the resource. The TELEVISION has a 60Hz panel, therefore cannot insert 60fps content to any higher framework rate. The movement blur excels, with just a brief trail adhering to moving items.

The mild contour on Samsung’s Bent TV helps you be right in the middle of the action, giving a larger field of vision as well as uniformed checking out range from your vantage point


The K6250 has a 60Hz panel, which is able to interpolate 30Hz web content. To do this, set ‘Auto Motion Plus’ to ‘Custom’ as well as boost the ‘De-Judder’ slider.


The K6250 has typical input lag, which must be great most laid-back customers. It is a 1080p TV, therefore is limited in the series of supported resolutions. It does support chroma subsampling, which results in clear text when used as a PC display.

The Samsung K6250 features the latest Tizen wise OS. This is the same system discovered in the various other 2016 Samsung TVs, such as the KU6300. After switching on the TELEVISION it does take a while to lots, yet is basic to utilize, as well as feels receptive when it is up and running. There is a vast array of sustained applications offered in the ‘App shop’. It is easy to view videos or motion pictures with a thumb drive or USB hard disk.


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