Samsung DVD Player UBD-K8500 User Manual

Samsung DVD Player UBD-K8500 User Manual

Samsung DVD Player UBD-K8500 overview :


The first Blu-ray player, Samsung’s BD-P1000, launched in 2006 for the cost from $1,000.

Almost Ten Years later on, the 1st 4K Blu-ray gamer is ultimately accessible, and it’s a Samsung also. At simply $400, AU$ 599, or even ₤ 430 in the UK, the UBD-K8500 costs much under its forerunner, however its layout faces a much a lot less specific future. In 2006 the huge adversary from Blu-ray was actually one more disc format, phoned HD VIDEO. Today that’s a whole Net’s well worth from streaming video from the likes of Netflix,, Hulu as well as YouTube, to name just a handful of.


Yes, 4K Blu-ray gives four times the settlement from the “basic HD” Blu-ray discs we’ve observed thus far– 3,820 x2,160 pixels for 4K resolution versus 1,920 x1,080 for regular Blu-ray. Yet the much better upgrade on the new gamers as well as discs is high powerful range (HDR), which is capable of delivering better contrast and color than our company have actually observed from any type of video source to this day.


After testing the K8500 along with a few of the first 4K Blu-ray discs, all which supply HDR, a single thing is clear. If you wish to draw out the optimum advantage out of this gamer, you need to have a premium HDR-capable TELEVISION. When looked at on standard, non-HDR 4K Televisions, the disks we examined don’t provide any significant photo top quality remodelings over basic 1080p Blu-ray disks.


However not every HDR TV is generated equivalent. Our checking out sessions with some of the most ideal sets accessible today– LG’s 65EF9500 as well as Samsung’s UN65JS9500, both exceptionally expensive– revealed the full impact as well as reality from HDR, leaving behind standard Blu-ray in the dust as well as leaving our company hungry for additional.


Alternatively, more affordable HDR-capable TVs– such as myriad midrange versions due eventually this year– probably won’t present as much from an advantage. Our company weren’t capable to evaluate any kind of such collections straight along with 4K Blu-ray but, however our previous examinations with versions including Samsung’s JS8500, some of the least expensive existing HDR TVs, aren’t motivating. Then again, maybe with some discs and also newer HDR-capable Televisions there certainly will certainly be actually a substantial enhancement. Our company’ll need to stand by to evaluate the 2016 plant of HDR TVs to know without a doubt.


The outcome is that 4K Blu-ray, as well as players like the UBD-K8500, are presently even more particular niche than you may expect. If you’ve paid out 1000s for among the most ideal HDR-capable TVs on the market, buying a gamer like the UBD-K8500 today is really enticing. Despite some issues our company observed in these early discs, as well as the fact that you must manually involve a certain picture setup, it will definitely still supply the most effective total property online video high quality ever.

The UBD-K8500 is actually nice-looking for a disk gamer, along with a brushed finish and a bent design that will harmonize properly along with any sort of AV body– and also especially effectively, of course, along with the rounded Televisions Samsung emphasizes remaining to make.


Controls on the player itself are actually very little as well as, incredibly for a premium device, there’s no display screen. In one strike against it, the front-panel USB slot is actually dealt with through a cheap-feeling rubber connec


The little remote gets the job done, as well as the switches are actually generally well chosen, yet our company were actually let down in the lack from dedicated fast-forward as well as rewind switches. To perform that you must long-press on the skip forward and back secrets and that is actually very easy to inadvertently miss instead of fast-forward.


The back panel is sporadic, yet we cherish the twin HDMI outcomes. If your recipient does not sustain 4K indicators, hook this around the second HDMI slot to get sound while the very first sends online video to your 4K TELEVISION. As anticipated, the main video recording outcome sustains HDMI 2.0 a for HDR, and also demands an HDCP 2.2 hookup to deliver copy-protected content (which is nearly everything you would certainly wish to check out).


That frontal USB slot may play files off USB sticks and hard disk drives, such as that 4K duplicate of “TimeScapes” you got in 2012. The only various other relationships are optical electronic sound as well as a wired Ethernet slot. Like the majority of modern-day video clip players, the Samsung is without analog video clip results. That is actually great; they will be actually ineffective listed below anyhow.


And, for the record, the Samsung UBD-K8500 is compatible along with many the aged discs in your home, too: That plays DVDs, frequent Blu-rays and even CDs (bear in mind those?). Your gigantic collection of SACD and DVD-Audio discs, regrettably, is actually certainly not assisted.


Functions from the brand-new Blu-ray format feature 4K resolution, which is 4 times that from 1080p, better comparison by means of HDR as well as far better different colors in comparison to basic Blu-ray disks. As we pointed out above, we are actually far more thrilled by the second two in comparison to due to the mere bump in resolution, as well as gladly most of the very first disks revealed do provide HDR and broad colour. 4K Blu-ray also supports next-generation sound layouts, namely Dolby Atmos and DTS: X.


The enhance of streaming solutions is actually extensive for a Blu-ray player, but falls short of what you receive from the majority of 4K Televisions (consisting of Samsung’s own) or a Roku 4.


You can use the K8500 in order to get 4K streams off Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Video clip and also M-Go. Meanwhile, its Vudu app does not have 4K support (presently unique to the Roku 4), there’s no UltraFlix application (Samsung’s 4K Televisions possess one) as well as the M-Go app didn’t identify the hard disk drive full of installed 4K/HDR films our company affixed. That’s too bad, since that feature will make it possible for owners from non-Samsung TVs to enjoy M-Go’s 4K/HDR films.


And although the player supports HDR material from 4K Blu-ray disks, its own Online video app doesn’t possess HDR support (but). Right here’s where our team point out once more that the apps built into your 4K TV are actually very likely redundant along with those built into the UBD-K8500, and also if you have an HDR-compatible TELEVISION, it likely has an app that does take care of HDR.


Samsung DVD Player UBD-K8500 User Manual :

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