Samsung JU6500 48-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV User Manual

Samsung JU6500 48-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV User Manual

Samsung JU6500 48-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV Overview

As one of Samsung’s even more reasonably priced 4K Televisions the JU6500 provides a little bit of a combined back of functions. On the one hand, the TV’s specs as well as features make it one really solid economy-level model amongst its 4K peers and also therefore it’s an excellent starter UHD TELEVISION for customers who want top quality without spending too much right off the bat. In this feeling, the regular brand name high quality of Samsung perseveres and has plenty to offer at a very affordable rate.

On the other hand, this is no SUHD TV like the JS8500 and a few deficiencies are going to be noticed by more significant fans of 4K Televisions that could be interested in something much more durable, contemporary and also sophisticated. However, the JU6500 is a great 4K TELEVISION generally and also an outstanding choice if you take its price into consideration. This review covers the rather small 48 inch design in particular but can essentially be applied to any type of dimension of TELEVISION in the Samsung JU6500 line. Those sizes range from an extremely small 40 inches right as much as a substantial 75 inch variation of the UN75JU6500 and is denoted by the version number before the JU6500 – as an example UN55JU6500 is the 55 inch version.

The solitary best function of the UN55JU6500 and of its bigger as well as smaller relatives is a mix of their price and usually outstanding top quality. Samsung rarely mess up when it concerns their modern technology and the 4K Televisions from the business are constantly excellent, also when they’re not top-shelf designs.

The UN55JU6500 is a terrific mix of cost as well as great specifications with a noticeably excellent 4k display top quality. You can obtain a Vizio or Sharp 4K TV for a similar cost yet the UN55JU6500 is almost guaranteed to deliver a basic remarkable picture quality even if its screen is just a little bit smaller sized compared to just what could be purchased for the exact same price from these various other brands.

Second, as a straight spin-off of the abovementioned high quality, the UN55JU6500 offers a remarkably good photo top quality for an Edge-Lit 4K TV. Here, Samsung has managed to supply greater than we would have anticipated thanks to their superbly brilliant LED modern technology as well as the clear layer innovation of the outer display itself. There is a bit of light bleed along the edges however it’s marginal and certainly less than what we’ve seen in greater than a few other versions.

In addition, though this isn’t among Samsung’s SUHD TVs with their nanocrystal quantum dot color, the UN55JU6500 does still offer some very decent color improving innovations like Wide Shade Enhancer And also for an expanded shade range. In addition to this, the comparison, despite this not being an HDR TELEVISION, is incredibly excellent.

In other words, the picture high quality of the UN55JU6500 is superb for its price range as well as class.

Finally, the overall connectivity plan on this design and also its cousins in the line is nearly as good as anything you’ll discover with even the very best of the Samsung 2015 TVs. The only point missing is the extra future-proofing of the One Link box or its smaller sized cousin the One Link Mini. Nonetheless, in terms of compatibility with the current 4K video clip compression codecs, material copy defense as well as complete HDMI 2.0 power for UHD video at 60 frames each second, the JU6500 has actually obtained you thoroughly covered.

In terms of exactly what you obtain for this TELEVISION’s less than $900 cost, the UN50JU6500 is a strong item of hardware that’s not likely to draw in numerous complaints. However, a couple of fairly small points are indeed missing out on from what could be a still much better TELEVISION.

First of all the bat, there is the out-of-the-box calibration. It’s rather mediocre and also much of the shades are badly overprocessed. This isn’t a significant concern considering that you can easily rectify the screen to show a far better shade array and the result will certainly be superb if you do it perfect. Nonetheless, Samsung might have placed a lot more initiative into conserving us consumers some time and also effort.

Next off, there is the side angle checking out high quality of the UN70JU6500. Also Samsung’s top-shelf SUHD TVs can’t repair this issue to a significant degree so it’s probably a whole lot to request for the lower-grade versions like the JU6500 to have exceptional side-angle viewing. Nonetheless, contrast and also shade discolor rapidly from off center angles as well as this can be problematic if you’ve got a great deal of people before this instead small TELEVISION.

Lastly, there is the indigenous refresh price of this version. Rather than Samsung’s more typical citizen 120Hz rate (typically with Activity Rate 240Hz included forever step) the JU6500 comes with just an indigenous 60Hz refresh rate. This won’t be a trouble for many seeing yet some users could periodically see a little judder on motion picture as well as game scenes where rapid action and especially side to side panning are taking place.

Samsung JU6500 48-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV User Manual

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