Samsung KU6500 UHD Smart Curved LED TV User Manual

Samsung KU6500 UHD Smart Curved LED TV User Manual

Samsung KU6500 UHD Smart Curved LED TV

Amongst the 4 major versions of these Televisions launched in 2016, the KU6500 takes the middle ground as the curved double of the or else identical KU6300. In many ways similar to its more expensive and also rather much better built KU7000 and also 7500 relatives, the KU6500 provides plenty of worth without being also pricey.

Hence, with this TV you regrettably get none of the flashier Samsung display screen innovations yet could still enjoy a durable visual experience that has been a little enhanced from exactly what we saw in the company’s 2015 4K non-SUHD TVs. Simply puts. In spite of an absence of major HDR specs, this TV doesn’t fail to supply a really robust and also usually very good watching experience for a sensible adequate rate.

Most importantly among the KU6500’s excellent attributes are those exact same innovations we have actually enjoyed in all of Samsung’s 4K UHD TVs to-date from 2015 to now at least. These consist of the excellent Tizen clever system, its Smart Hub technology and the company’s premium quality screen panels which work extremely well even if they’re not of the costs kind we’ve seen in the exceptional top-shelf SUHD Televisions from the brand name. In addition to these, Samsung’s upscaling engine for the Full HD as well as SD web content that will take up a majority of your TELEVISION viewing time is downright great, with some great upscaling for most SD as well as 720p material as well as outstanding upscaling of Full HD or Blu-ray video clip resources.

Beginning with Tizen, it’s like it has ever remained in the KU6300 and also as a matter of fact we had actually say that this year’s version of the smart system is a much better, a lot more refined entertainer compared to ever, with an extra simplified main menu of options, simpler functionality as well as far better functionality overall. It likewise includes some excellent new attributes like streamlined content gain access to from outside tools as well as console-free pc gaming for game apps which come via the apps offered with the wise OS itself. In 2015, we thought about Tizen to be the second-rate wise TELEVISION platform on the North American market for that year and we hold to this view of the system in 2016 once more. Sony’s Android TELEVISION is excellent and also Vizio has most definitely provided some significant renovations to their smart TELEVISION innovation yet Tizen still defeats them both.

Comparison in this TV is solid, with good rich as well as highly uniform blacks along with some great shade efficiency in spite of a lack of high dynamic range Wide Color Range or Samsung’s very own indigenous quantum dot filter innovation behind the screen panel. Moreover, because the KU6500 offers direct-lit backlighting with LEDs throughout the rear of the entire display screen area (though not as several as you ‘d see in a full-array 4K TV), the quality of the version’s local dimming innovation isn’t regrettable compared with what we’ve seen in edge-lit Samsung 4K TVs like the KU7000. Furthermore, as we would certainly stated over, the upscaling engine for non-4K web content is a solid performer.

Lastly, in terms of physical layout, the KU6500 is one lovely tv. We don’t assume the curved display does anything beneficial to the “immersion” of the screen yet it likewise does no serious injury as well as some customers might like the bent appearance greater than a flat display screen. Overall, the KU6500 simply looks terrific. It’s sophisticated, smooth, minimalist and also has a stand whose impact is little yet stable.

First off, the lack of complete high dynamic array innovation in the whole KU-Series of Samsung TVs kind of jobs to minimize their value in our eyes. Yes, these are Samsung’s reduced end 2016 4K Televisions as well as the firm certainly has to schedule a major technological edge for their premium SUHD versions for this year however they could have still supplied much better HDR specs in the KU Televisions as well as the KU6500 also without copulating up to the degree of the SUHD TVs. HDR show high quality is possible without fully reaching the HDR10 standards-certified quality of the SUHD designs as well as while Samsung does this to a specific extent, they could have taken it better while likewise including Wide Color Range. This lack does the most making these TVs a somewhat lower purchase worth when as compared to versions like the Vizio– Series, which do use Wide Shade Range and also Dolby Vision accreditation for basically the exact same rate or less costly.

Next along, the number of HDMI and USB ports in the KU TVs– along with the KU6500– is less than we such as. Every one of Samsung’s 2015 4K Televisions offered up 4 HDMI 2.0 porta and also 3 USB ports, while the KU6500 as well as its brother or sisters only use 3 of the former and also just 2 of the latter. This decrease in connection choices was a strange selection by the business provided last year’s port specifications in the equivalent JU-Series Televisions as well as it’s unfortunate.

Another point we noted regarding the KU6500, which has also been discussed by other reviewers as well, is an absence of clever remote performance for the TV. Apparently, this is a flaw that Samsung let slip by since the TV was shipped out to market rather fast after having clever remote incorporation made right into one of its features despite the fact that the models was programmed much more for a traditional button remote. Consequently, at the very least at the time of this writing, a lot of the wise remote’s functions don’t benefit this TV.

Samsung KU6500 UHD Smart Curved LED TV User Manual

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