Sharp LC-55N7000U Smart TV User Manual

Sharp LC-55N7000U Smart TV User Manual

Sharp LC-55N7000U Smart TV Overview

The Sharp Aquos LC-55N7000U is a normal entertainer in a 4K commercial center overwhelmed by less expensive essential models and full-included extravagance sets. Despite the fact that the $599 Sharp Aquos set incorporates high powerful range (HDR) bolster for better shading and splendor, it experiences difficulty separating itself among some truly intense rivalry.

The Sharp brand in the U.S. is possessed by Hisense, so obviously, there are a few likenesses between the Sharp Aquos LC-55N7000U and models, for example, the Hisense 50H8C. Sharp’s set uses a similar remote control and keen TV programming interface as the Hisense show, for instance, however offers some higher-end highlights, including HDR content (despite the fact that not the Dolby Vision form of the standard). Then again, this LCD set uses an essential edge-lit LED outline that does not have the advantage of nearby darkening, an element that can enhance differentiate specifically scenes.

While the Sharp Aquos LC-55N7000U has a similar essential plan plot as the Hisense 50H8C, with brushed-steel feet on each end of the board to offer help on a tabletop, the Sharp set has a flashier, stainless-steel bezel around the screen that gives this set a retro vibe.

Underneath the sparkling surface, be that as it may, Sharp’s TV has an indistinguishable essential associations from the Hisense set, incorporating worked in Wi-Fi, USB associations for outside sources and four HDMI ports (albeit just two HDMI plugs bolster the 2.0 determination for duplicate ensured 4K sources).

Its shading exactness stands up well against models, for example, the more affordable 55-inch TCL Roku TV (3.57 versus 10.49 for the TCL in Delta-E scores, where bring down numbers are better). Also, in Theater mode, the Sharp could replicate 92.6 percent of the sRGB shading range.

In any case, the Insignia Roku TV beat the Sharp set in both regards: 95.07 sRGB/1.12 Delta-E. Neither the Insignia nor the TCL sets bolster HDR, however.

When viewing the 4K HDR form of The Martian on the Sharp Aquos LC-55N7000U, I saw lost a few subtle elements, for example, stars over the Earth. Some of that might be because of this current set’s marginally off center shading comes about, as noted in our tests; the set had a general propensity to demonstrate a greenish cast, where different sets may overemphasize reds and pinks.

Then again, local 4K HDR recordings restored a portion of the dark levels that were inadequate in upscaled content. Indeed, even non-HDR 4K films, for example, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, looked stunningly respectable on the 55-inch Sharp Aquos TV.

As far as general picture detail, the Sharp Aquos couldn’t coordinate the accuracy of the main Samsung and LG sets, making dusty scenes in Mad Max: Fury Road look dustier than regular. To be reasonable, those sets cost more than twice as much as the Sharp TV.

Sadly, the greater part of material accessible for review is as yet standard HD, and Sharp’s upscaling comes up short. The set frequently overdrives the brilliance levels, even in its best preset Theater mode. Blacks look dim and screen consistency can endure, with light seeming to spill in from the corners. Upscaling Skyfall created some photo curios too, for example, the reprobate’s head immediately vanishing in the bike pursue scene.

The inherent speakers of the Sharp Aquos LC-55N7000U are productive, which implies they can kick out a lot of volume, positively enough to fill the run of the mill rural home’s family room or cave. In the same way as other different sets, nonetheless, the sound has a tendency to disregard bring down enlist notes.

Adele’s voice sounded thin and reedy, for instance, and with the sound settings in Theater mode, the top of the line was steady and overwhelming. It implies that female vocals get misleadingly pushed forward, and keeping in mind that you may have the capacity to hear sonic points of interest like the artist’s breaths between lines, it comes to the detriment of the midrange notes.

The Music mode sound setting straightened out the sound, with less accentuation on the top of the line, yet there still wasn’t much bass. The sound-track components, similar to water surging over a waterfall, tended to sound tinny.

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