Sharp N6100U Smart TV User Manual

Sharp N6100U Smart TV User Manual

Sharp N6100U Smart TV Overview

If you’re seeking a budget-friendly 4K UHD TELEVISION with the current connection as well as better-than-average noise, Sharp’s $800 55-inch course Aquos N7000 need to be on your list. The N7000 is also “HDR-enabled” (High Dynamic Range), suggesting it could play HDR10 content, although it does not have the display chops to make the most of that feature.

The Aquos N7000 is a 54.6-inch screen (55-inch class) that considers regarding 48 pounds as well as is around 2.5-inches deep. It’s not excessively graceful, yet it’s easy sufficient to obtain from the box as well as onto the wall surface. Add an additional 6.7 inches of deepness if you utilize the stands. The panel’s native resolution is 3840×2160 with an equipment refresh rate of 60Hz. I find it among the a lot more attractive lower-end TVs on the marketplace, however I’m a fool for pewter (right after copper), the shade that’s made use of on the bezel.

The N7000 sporting activities four HDMI ports: two supporting the older 1.4 spe, and also two offering up the 2.0 a requirement (using a recent firmware upgrade) that HDR-10 calls for. ARC (Sound Return Network) HDMI is offered result to seem bars and also A/V receivers. There are three USB ports, two 2.0 and one 3.0. Both key-boards and USB mass-storage devices are sustained. Additionally on board are gigabit ethernet and 802.11 air conditioner Wi-Fi. Connection is completed by element inputs (the environment-friendly might be utilized for composite signals), and both optical and analog audio inputs.

The push-button control for the N7000 is a take on the familiar, extended type that’s been in usage for a more than a decade now. There are quite a few switches, including the traditional red/green/yellow/ blue feature types, yet they are practically outlined as well as I had little difficulty getting up to speed with it. The on-screen interface appears left wing, and also cursoring to the appropriate brings up extra granular image setups. It’s nicely rendered, simple to check out, as well as the crucial image setups are clear so you could see the effect of the adjustment you’re making.

There’s also an application page which contains 2 scrollable rows of large symbols. The provided applications consist of Pandora, Vudu, Facebook, YouTube, and the various other normal suspects. There are additionally native applications for showing pictures as well as video clip as well as playing music encoded in one of the most usual formats, including the h. 264 and also h. 265 60fps/2160p video clips we utilize for screening motion. As a cord cutter, the only feature I really missed was a channel overview.

The Aquos N7000’s picture is fairly great for its class, though it’s far from state of the art. Overall, the shade is about like you’re going to get with any type of WLED (white light-emitting diode) backlight. It’s a little bit cool and also it’s manipulated to heaven end of the spectrum. Yet saturation is decent and the color accuracy, while not perfect, is comparable to I’ve seen for WLED. The greens typically aren’t irritatingly lime-y, and also the reds typically aren’t overly pink or orange. Detail, as you ‘d anticipate with UHD, is rather nice; as well as the 1080 upscaling wases initially price. Image uniformity (no blurred or dark locations) was remarkable on the 55-inch system I tested.

The N7000’s backlighting is side, not variety, which means the blacks aren’t as dark as they could be. On the other hand, there’s no stopping (visible borders where selection LEDs are lowered or shut off), and little blossoming (halos around brilliant items on a black history). There was likewise just very little bleed around the edges with a black image showed.

There was some noticeable, otherwise intensifying stuttering throughout fast action series, which is to be expected with a 60Hz refresh price. Yet a big shoutout to Sharp for promoting its Aquomotion smoothing modern technology without concocting a counterfeit number or “effective” refresh price to do so.

As I discussed up front, the N7000 plays HDR-10 web content, yet it remains in no other way up to snuff because regard– at the very least not when compared to Sony’s X800/X900, Samsung’s SUHDs, and LG’s HDR sets. The maximum nits I saw from any kind of portion of the display was 415 and the panel is 8-bit, implying it cannot make some of the subtle information that HDR’s 10- or 12-bit broad color range can supply. Yet within its capabilities, it takes care of HDR nicely, remapping shades smartly with very moderate upticks in contrast and also intensity. To be reasonable, Sharp makes no excellent cases beyond working with the web content.

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