Sony VPL-VW550ES Projector User Manual

Sony VPL-VW550ES Projector User Manual

Sony VPL-VW550ES Projector Overview

While other projector marks still can’t start acting responsibly, the VPL-VW550ES speaks to Sony’s third era of 4K projectors.

It benefits significantly from that involvement as far as both the level of picture quality it accomplishes, and in the way it adopts a more sober minded strategy to that trickiest of projector subjects: HDR (high unique range) playback.

Include bolster – interestingly on a projector – for the up and coming Hybrid Log Gamma HDR framework, and the VW550ES pretty much makes its £9,000 asking value resemble a deal.

The VW550ES looks practically indistinguishable to its VW520ES antecedent. Along these lines, to my eyes, it takes after a squashed Darth Vader protective cap with its enigmatically circular shape and huge grilles to either side.

There’s the same abnormally vigorous metallic feel to the complete as well, and your eye is still gotten by the promisingly vast, midway mounted and recessed focal point. Particularly as this focal point is encompassed by some getting sparkly gold strips calculating in towards it.

At 495.6(w) x 195.3(h) x 463.6(d)mm and 14kg, the VW550ES is a powerful mammoth for a household projector, underlining the point effectively raised by its £9,000 value that it’s not an easygoing projector. This is a genuine home film machine best introduced for all time in a devoted home silver screen room.

The main huge plan distinction between the VW550ES and its ancestor is that it’s accessible in two shading alternatives: white and dark.

The VW550ES’s remote control is incredibly compelling. It’s illuminated, making it simple to use in a dull room, and its catches are ergonomically dispersed out and efficient.

Mechanized focal point changes by means of the remote give heaps of center, zoom and vertical/even picture move adaptability. The mechanized focal point modifications are sufficiently touchy to permit amazingly exact alterations, as well.

One of the greatest changes Sony has presented with the VW550ES is more control over the way HDR pictures look. For one thing, there’s presently a HDR balance mode with 100 distinct settings, so you can discover a setting that gives a harmony amongst splendor and difference that suits your tastes. There’s additionally another Contrast Enhancer mode that tries to consequently advance splendor by persistently surveying the approaching picture.

I settled on leaving the Contrast Enhancer on low and HDR differentiate on 72, somewhat higher than the default 60 esteem. In any case, don’t feel you have to take after my settings – the fundamental point here is the way great it feels to have such a great amount of adaptability close by to bolster distinctive picture tastes.

My most loved picture preset for my passed out room was Cinema 1, and I likewise suggest killing all commotion lessening frameworks, setting Smooth degree to Low, setting the light to low for non-HDR substance, and ensuring you generally utilize the Game preset when utilizing the projector as a super-sized gaming show.

While I invite Sony giving the flexbility to alter the HDR picture, I don’t believe it’s useful that the light doesn’t consequently change to high yield mode when HDR is recognized. Likewise, the Input Lag Reduction highlight accessible in SDR Game mode strangely vanishes in HDR mode.

The VW550ES’s feature highlights are a local 4K determination of 4,096 x 2,160 and bolster for HDR playback.

In case you’re asking why you get 4,096 x 2,160 pixels instead of the 3,840 x 2,160 pixels you get with UHD TVs, this is on account of the SXRD chipset inside the VW550ES is gotten from Sony’s expert silver screen projectors, which utilize a “genuine” 4K pixel check.

Sony has supported the VW550ES’s (dynamic) differentiate proportion by 20% over that of the VW520ES, conveying it up to an extremely noteworthy 350,000:1. So there ought to be a more contrasty hope to pictures, even without a real shine help.

The VW550ES’s brilliance of 1,800 lumens is the same as that of the VW520ES. This is somewhat baffling given HDR’s requirement for shine, yet as we’ll see, the new HDR setup helps have certainly enhanced the VW550ES’s HDR certifications.

I figure the new HDR differentiate alteration could be disputable. All things considered, when you begin messing about with HDR settings you can wind up moving far from the “right” look that HDR content is intended to have.

The thing is, however, that no present projectors this side of £50,000 are sufficiently splendid to convey a “local” HDR picture convincingly. They tend to leave HDR pictures looking excessively dull, and dim parts of the photo investigating prevailing and without detail. So to me it appears to be famously sensible that Sony has tuned in to criticism from analysts and customers and gave the choice of boosting the base level of splendor in HDR pictures, regardless of the possibility that that diminishes the picture’s general dynamic range.

While we’re regarding the matter of HDR overhauls, the VW550ES is additionally the main projector that backings the new Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG) HDR organize created by the BBC and NHK to convey HDR communicates. I couldn’t test this, as no HLG content is right now accessible, however Sony is certain there shouldn’t be any similarity issues when the main HLG communicates go live.

The VW550ES additionally scores focuses over its forerunner with its HDMI ports, which now bolster 10-bit 4K at up to 60 outlines for each second. The HDMIs are joined by LAN and USB ports for benefit refreshes, a RS-232 for framework mix, an IR contribution for a hardwired remote control, and two 12V trigger yields.

Gamers will be satisfied to take note of the return of an Input Lag Reduction framework inside the projector’s Game mode, in spite of the fact that, as specified, it appears to be confusing this is accessible for HD sources.

At long last, the VW550ES underpins 3D playback – and inexplicably Sony even went to the inconvenience of furnishing me with a couple of 3D glasses so I could look at these 3D capacities.

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