Sony X810C 4K Android TV User Manual

Sony X810C 4K Android TV User Manual
See how good TV and movies can look in detail four times of Full HD. See each scene more acute and more realistic with the advanced processor of K 4 X 1 and discover new experiences with Android TV.


The powerful 4K processor X 1 delivers impressive image quality to what you are seeing. Each source smart is analyzed and readapted to our best resolution of 4 K, of the emissions of TV, Discs™ Blu-ray and DVD, to 4 K of videos from Internet. Enjoy incredible images of 4 K with impressive clarity, more realistic colors and bright contrast.


Dynamic Contrast Enhancer makes bright parts of the screen brighter and the darkparts a deeper, truer black.


Precision Color Mapping independently analyzes each scene and pixel by which theshadow perfect and the tone is applied dynamically to rich, colors natural.


The result of decades of experience in video and production processing, 4 K X-Reality PRO scales and enhances each frame of video realistic depth and detail.


Regardless of the source, each pixel is very well defined by our table of 4 K more powerful processing technology ever. Scenes are analyzed and matched with a database of highly realistic details special image, what you are seeing.


4 X 1 K processor offers a ultra detail realistic using algorithms such as noise, area detection Crusher flat and Super resolution. These work together to keep her look natural, refined content native and best.


Precision Color mapping goes far beyond conventional color, optimization of colorenhancement individually in real time. It promotes the maximum performance of the screen and controls the representation of all colors perfectly.


With Enhancer of dynamic contrast 4 K X 1 processor, brightness range is continuously optimized frameby-frame. Adjust levels according to what is happening on screen.


Now you can explore a world of true 4 K in home entertainment. BRAVIA® can handle any source, from 4 K broadcasts of TV and online video disc movies. Compatibility with the latest standards of 4K including VP9, 50 p/60 p HDMI and HEVC means that you can enjoy content today.


Your smart TV is now smarter. Thinks on the experiences of that love in your smartphone or tablet. Now enjoy from them more big and best that ever of BRAVIA® 4.


Make that your listening as realistic as their vision. ClearAudio + tune the TV soundfor an immersive, emotionally rewarding experience that surrounds you. Listen to music, dialogue and surround sound with greater clarity and separation effects, whatyou are seeing.
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