Sony X910C / X900C 4K Ultra HD Android TV User Manual

Sony X910C / X900C 4K Ultra HD Android TV User Manual
The new X900C series offers an incredible thinness 4.9 mm, achieve the shape and function very well. Sony single layer edgeenabled surface flush with the screen makes the bevel virtually disappear. Images seem to float before your eyes, making youaware just the TV impressive 4 k display.


It is simple to place the X900C series on the wall TV. He design ultra-slim makes fora setting narrow and is can connect the cables easily thanks to a support tilt.


Adjust the legs under your TV from 4 K to change between a stand of broad or narrow, depending on the width of the surface.


The powerful 4K processor X 1 delivers impressive image quality to what you are seeing. Each smart source is analyzed and readapted to our best resolution of 4 K, TVbroadcasts, Discs Blu-ray and DVD, to 4 K of Internet videos. Enjoy incredible images of 4 K with impressive clarity, realistic colors and bright contrast.


Regardless of the source, each pixel is very well defined by our table of 4 K more powerful processing technology ever. Scenes are analyzed and matched with a database of highly realistic details special image, what you are seeing.


4 X 1 K processor delivers detail ultra realistic, using new algorithms such as noise, area detection Crusher flat and Super resolution. These advanced technologies worktogether to maintain natural textures, low image noise and refined native and best content.


BRAVIA you brings color even more realistic, now more refined by the powerful processor of 4 K X 1 and its technology of mapping of color of precision. Evoke the emotion complete in every scene with rich and vivid red, green and blue. Also you can enjoy of the more wide range of colors, thanks to the Sony TRILUMINOS® display only, exclusive of Sony.


Precision Color Mapping in the 4 K processor X 1 goes more beyond of enhancement of color conventional, optimize the colors individually in time real. It promotes the maximum performance of the screen and controls the representation of all colorsperfectly satisfactorily results rich and natural.
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