Sony X950B TV 4K User Manual

Sony X950B TV 4K User Manual
Take your vision in a new exciting era. 4K images contain more than 8 million individual pixels. It is four times more detail full HD advanced processing ensures that every pixel displays images with excellent quality.


With four times more detail than Full HD, 4K offers incredibly natural images, not pixels. Considerably higher image quality means that you can sit closer to the screen,filling more of your field of vision until it disappears from the screen, and you are enjoying an experience in the cinema.


Immerse yourself in the detail of 4K movies; Enjoy incredibly beautiful photographsin 4K and capture your precious memories with a 4 K recording device. The new 4Kseries BRAVIA also is compatible with future regulations of 4K.


With deeper black and more high peaks, unique algorithm backlight allows you to see a wider Range2 brightness three times that a conventional LED TV. Experience true brilliance in every scene, where each gradation shines in a new light for more detail, more color and a realism that is exclusive to the best in 4 K resolution.


Experience the impressive quality of image, Blu-ray discs and regular TV broadcaststo web videos and clips of smartphone. Unique Sony processing engine scans, cleans and refines images for beautiful results, with picture noise drastically reduced by the true Full HD quality.


BRAVIA brings all the color you’ve dreamed of. Evoke emotion in every scene with rich, vivid red and green emeralds. Also you will get great results if you are browsingpictures and videos captured by cameras and camcorders from Sony TRILUMINOS™color.
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