TP-Link Archer C3150 User Manual

TP-Link Archer C3150 User Manual
With a combined speed of up to 3150Mbps, the Archer C3150 easily handles demanding activities at the same time. The router uses the latest innovations in Wi-Fi technology to create a faster, stronger, more reliable wireless network for your home. With the Archer C3150, lag, dropped connections and dead zones become a thing of the past.
The Archer C3150 has a powerful combination of advanced technology Broadcom® NitroQAM™ and technology 4-Stream, which increases wireless speed by 25%. This provides the speed and performance elite you need to support your most demanding online applications, including simultaneous 4K streaming and online gaming.
The C3150 Archer more than create faster Wi-Fi, helps their devices to achieve optimum performance, making the communication more efficient. MU ready *, the C3150 Archer present technology four streams of data at the same time, allowing all connected devices reach speeds of up to 4 X faster than standard AC routers.
On the other hand, dynamic intelligent connection technology automatically selects the best available for each band.
Archer C3150 supports many devices when you invite friends to their large House to entertain. You can maintain multiple simultaneous HD streaming, online games and other content without lag consumption. C3150 goalkeeper can provide maximum coverage and activate their devices to remain covered, near or far that. Do not let your mobile lifestyle stop streaming and enjoy your home party.
Unlike normal routers, which generally have single core, Archer C3150 features a powerful dualcore 1.4 GHz processor.
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