TP-Link TL-WR710N User Manual

TP-Link TL-WR710N User Manual
TL-WR710N is small enough to put in the Pocket and take the road of the Internet sharing. Along with its built-in adapter, is a perfect choice for travellers of r, students or anyone working or playing.
Create a network wireless private instant and share Internet to multiple Wi-Fidevices, suitable for hotel and home over the network.
Wiring devicesonly access to an existing Wi-Fi network
Expand existing WiFi, improve signal strength and maximize coverage
Create a wireless network for Wi-Fi devices.
Internet access wirelessly by connecting to an external WISP access point.
It allows you to connect a USB storage device to the USB port, and share files and media through the Internet browser with different teams on the local Network.Also, the USB port can provide power supply (up to 5V/1A) to the mobile devices such as Smartphones or tablets, by which you can avoid the hassle of carrying several Chargers during the trip.
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