TP-Link Touch P5 User Manual

TP-Link Touch P5 User Manual
Imagine is a world in which the router is as easy in use as your smartphone. The P5‘s touch, with its touchsensitive screen, makes possible today. In addition to adding to the beauty of your router, the touch screen integrated also dramatically revolutionizes the way configure and interact with the network. Only touch, pass and connect. The P5 touch the easiest way of free Wi-Fi.
Sensitive touch screen lets you configure its P5 touch in just one minute, using only your fingers and no need for a separate PC, smartphone or tablet. Release is in the configuration of network excessively complicated.
Forget the days of end up lost and confused as he searches through the advanced features of the router. Now you can easily access and modify nearly all functions and settings of your router with just few taps on the touch screen. Management of your wireless network is as easy as using an application on your smartphone. Parental control to access the management mode selection, P5 Touch uses a totally familiar touch experience to stay in control.
With dynamic guest on the display network password, your guests can enjoy easy access and you can keep your network safe. On the other hand, visitors will be impressed by the elegance and beauty of the P5 touch, no doubt earning a prominent position in the decoration of your home.
Ultra HD video without buffering, play games online without lag, download large files in an instant and discover many other ways for the P5‘s touch exceed your expectations without threads. Blazing fast AC Wi-Fi speeds of up to 1900Mbps ensure that everyone in your network can enjoy smooth streaming video and lowlatency online games.
Three antennas of band dual with amplifiers of high power of 700mW allow the P5‘s touch provide up to 10,000 * feet square of coverage Wi-Fi. Beamforming technology improves more stability in the long term by providing very specific connections. Broadcom’s dualcore 1 GHz processor ensures excellent performance and allows you to experience stable connections over all his house.
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